10 Best Single Player Racing Games You Need To Play

Racing games are one of the most popular genres in the gaming community. Lets take a look at a few that stand out.

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Being one of the most popular genres in the gaming community, it’s only right to cover some of the coolest racing games known to man. There is just something so amazing about taking to the track and really stepping on the gas, blasting past competitors, and taking home the Championship trophy.

Here is a list of a few single-player racing games that stand out above the rest.

#10 Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players will own and operate their very own car repair business! Players will take on jobs where they need to repair vehicles back to running condition.

The jobs will get more and more difficult over time, so it keeps players interested. Players start out with the basics such as changing fluids out and oil changes, building up the fully rebuilding vehicles from the ground up.

#9 Hot Wheels Unleashed

This isn’t just an ordinary racing game; this is Hot Wheels Unleashed, a fully customizable racer experience. Players will take to the tracks that feature intense highly detailed environments with their choice of vehicles straight out of the toybox.

The game also showcases the cars as these tiny little vehicles, just like real-life Hot Wheels. Players drive past basketballs that look humongous in comparison, making the game feel life-like yet interesting!

#8 Project Cars 3

Everything gamers know about racing sims is thrown out the window in Project Cars 3. Players will race their way to the top, starting with road cars and working their way up to hypercars.

Instead of the usual long-winded races, the game features quick five-minute events, leaving the player ready to take on the next race. The game is well thought out and strays away from the status quo, which players find magnificent.

#7 TrackMania

Trackmania features time trials that racing game fans have been begging for. Though it is a simple game, it is highly addictive to racing fanatics.

Whether gamers choose to play alone or in multiplayer online races, they will soon see their only competition is themselves. The game even features boosts and tricks to maneuver past the competition with ease. 

#6 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

A beloved arcade racer-style game, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is one for the books. Though it is considered to have more of an arcade-style, the game hangs in the balance of being playful yet realistic. It was called one of the best in the franchise, it features sleek exotic cars that leave enthusiasts drooling.

The fast-paced races, heart-pumping action, and high-speed police chases keep everyone on their toes and engulfed in the thrill the game offers.

#5 The Crew 2

The open-world high-velocity racing game The Crew 2 features more vehicles than most racers would expect. This includes aircraft, boats, and classic cars. The vehicles are very easy to handle, keeping it life-like and realistic to those who play these types of games regularly.

Even the tracks prove to be a dangerous feat, showcasing slim, tight waterways, sweltering swamps, and even vast caves.

#4 Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is a simulated racing game that is very well known, as it is the eighth installment in the series. Players can choose from several different modes, customizing their vehicles to their full extent, and battling head to head with other phenomenal racers. The game even added in weather effects, adding to the difficulty of the game.

#3 F1 22

In F2 22, gamers will take on the life of the principle of a Formula 1 racing team. The players’ main goal is to lead their team to victory by bringing home the gold at the Constructors Championship.

Players handle all decisions made, no matter how small. The game allows players to recruit drivers from other teams and even deal with all of the contracts involved.

#2 Need For Speed: Heat

The 2019 game Need For Speed: Heat is set in an open-world environment they call Palm City. It is supposed to be a fictional version of Miami, Florida, and it replicates the atmosphere quite well. Players can drive around and see the sights, including large mountainous terrain and wide-open fields to really step on the gas.

#1 Forza Horizon 5

A phenomenal and thrilling racing game, Forza Horizon 5 shows off intense gameplay that sucks the player in from the very first race. In the first week after its release, over 10 million people began playing the game, making it highly acclaimed and extremely popular. It is another open-world racing game, stationed in Mexico.

The map features insane volcanos, thick jungles, and intricate ancient Mayan Temples. While players can explore as much or as little as they wish, the main objective is to compete in the races they’ll find all around the map and beat out all competitors who stand in their way.