25 Best PC Multiplayer Horror Games

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Who doesn’t love a good scare? Horror titles can keep you on the edge of your computer chair with no telling just what may be around the corner, or if you’ll even survive your journey. While many scary games are made specifically to be enjoyed alone in the dark, there are a decent amount of games that can be played as a multiplayer experience. In this list, we’re showcasing some of our picks for the best multiplayer PC horror games you can pick up right now.

#25 Barotrauma

Platform: PC
Release Date: March 13, 2023


Barotrauma comes from a development team that made the game after being inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light and Rimworld. Set on Europa, Jupiter’s moon, where humanity has sought out a new means of refuge and now lives underwater, players manage and explore what is essentially a massive submarine. With up to sixteen players in a game, maintaining the submarine and ensuring its survival is complex and demanding. As players navigate the game, they encounter various factions and formidable alien creatures. The missions are procedurally generated, providing endless possibilities and surprises, including potential alliances with different factions. As a result, each game session promises a unique and thrilling experience.

#24 Sons of the Forest

Platform: PC
Release Date: February 23, 2023


It was meant to be a simple mission. You were supposed to go to an island and find a billionaire who had disappeared. No one could’ve known that when you arrived, you’d find it incredibly hard to leave!

In Sons Of The Forest, you’ll be trapped on an island with cannibals and other horrors that will not hesitate to attack if you get too close.

As you explore the island, you must think carefully about how you want to survive and what you arm yourself with to take on these threats. Will you survive the island? Or will you be its next victim?

#23 Evil Dead The Game

PC Xbox PlayStation

A great man once said: “Groovy.” That man was Bruce Campbell, the star of the Evil Dead franchise across pretty much all of its incarnations. So it shouldn’t be surprising to fans that he lent his voice to the Evil Dead The Game video game. Because not doing so would be the antithesis of groovy.

But if you’re wondering what this game is actually about, it’s a 4v1 multiplayer game where 4 of your friends will pick various characters from the Evil Dead saga in order to complete tasks and get the Necronomicon. The other player will be the monster who is trying to kill you.

One side has to win, so you’ll find who’s better at being dead or alive soon enough.

#22 Hidden Deep


Hidden Deep is a sci-fi horror game where you become the leader of a second team of explorers. What happened to the first one? They found a strange place a mile under the ocean floor and went to explore it, losing contact with you in the process.

For those who just want to enjoy the co-op elements, Hidden Deep has you covered. In multiplayer mode, you’ll be tasked with working together to get missions done. The game’s levels are totally randomized, and you’ll have to challenge each other to work together in order to survive what’s waiting for you down below.

#21 Friday The 13 The Game 

PC | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo

Friday the 13th is a solid video game experience. Players went into the game as camp counselors, working together to gather necessary items to make a daring escape from the camp. However, among them is a player controlling Jason Voorhees who is attempting to kill everyone on the camp grounds. While the kids are typically faster than Jason, those playing Jason will have a few tricks up their sleeves to deal some massive damage or foil their plans of escape.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to see the game become a massive hit, and it was even less surprising to see the number of updates released to bring more content into the title for players to enjoy. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues that came up after the game’s release, the developers were unable to provide any major updates. With that said, there is still some support offered for the game, so while developers had to shut down the online servers, those that want to enjoy the game could still connect through peer-to-peer networking. It might be limited to who you know initially, but playing with good friends isn’t such a bad thing anyway.

#20 Devour


Those looking for constant stress might want to give Devour a try. This is a game that’s played with friends where you’re actively working against an evil cultist. With your character set to be taken straight to hell, you’ll have to sneak around the map in search of different ritual artifacts which will stop the ritual at hand. Of course, the cult and demonic creatures will be exploring the area to find where you’re hiding as well. You can never be sure where the artifacts are hiding since the game provides a procedurally generated map. So far, the game has been quite popular, and it won’t break the bank either, costing just $4.99 on Steam.

#19 Fear Surrounds


Fear Surrounds is a social game that’s a bit like Among Us, but with more of a horror focus. In this game, players are working as a group to complete a series of objectives. However, among the group are evil spirits. While hiding among the group, it’s the job of the evil spirits to eliminate the players or sabotage their objectives. Meanwhile, very much like Among Us, meetings take place, allowing players to decide who to vote out. This is a great game to play with friends as the servers can, sadly, be a bit barren.

#18 In Silence


Another cooperative multiplayer game is In Silence, a 5v1 title. A group of players is tasked with escaping the area while the opposing player takes on the role of a monster. While we’ve seen this play out in several different titles, there is one subtle difference here–the monster player has very limited eyesight. This opposing player will be relying on sound to give an indicator of where the other players are located on the map. If the group makes too much noise then the monster will be able to easily pinpoint them and rush towards their position. As a result, it’s a battle to stay as quiet as possible.

#17 No More Room in Hell


No More Room In Hell began as a Half-Life 2 mod and was released on Steam as a free-to-play title. The game puts players in a group as they attempt to survive against hordes of the undead. Set in an open-world style environment, players are constantly on the move to find resources and safe areas to fortify as they battle against the undead using a variety of weapons including axes, guns, and chainsaws. It’s gained a massive following and while the title is free, players might not be sticking around forever as there’s a sequel in the works set to release in October 2022.

#16 Deceit


Deceit is a free-to-play title that acts similar to Among Us and Unfortunate Spacemen, which we’ll be covering later in this list. Here, players are in a group trying to escape from a certain area, but among the group is an infected player tasked with killing off the others. It’s a game that’s all about trust and deception as you’re working with the group in the hopes of luring them away from others to take them out. Since Deceit launched, the title has made some adjustments that have fans split, with some feeling like a bit of tension has been lost due to some new mechanics. Still, being a completely free game, this is a title worth checking out with your group of friends.

#15 GTFO


GTFO is another cooperative horror game, originally released in early access in December 2019 and getting a full release in December 2021. In this game, players group up and seek out valuables deep below the Earth’s surface after an asteroid strikes the planet. However, you’ll soon find that there is something unnatural below.

Players are forced to venture around the map, gather resources, and fight off enemy hostiles as they attempt to reach the Earth’s surface once again. It’s almost like a more intense version of Left 4 Dead and many find it to be more of a challenge.

#14 Dead By Daylight

PC | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo

Dead by Daylight has a massive following and it’s a perfect title to fill that Friday the 13th: The Game void. In this title, you’re dealing with a 1v4 gameplay where four players are survivors attempting to complete a series of goals and escape the area. Meanwhile, one hostile player takes on the role of a monster. The goal for the monster is simple–stop the others from escaping. This means slaughtering the players, but you’ll have to keep moving. Taking too long to commit murder could give another time to escape.

Fortunately, those that are downed can get rescued by another player in the area. As mentioned, this game is still heavily supported today with new crossover events constantly being added into the mix. You can find all sorts of iconic IPs being featured whether it’s from a film franchise such as A Nightmare on Elm Street or a video game IP like Silent Hill.

#13 Phasmophobia


Phasmophobia was a breakout hit in 2020. While technically still in early access, the scares are fully-formed in this co-op masterpiece. Players act as investigators in a paranormal investigation team tasked with searching for spirits in different locations and recording what type of spirits they find. The game can also be played in virtual reality, making the already terrifying experience that much more immersive. There have been consistent updates to the game that has added a significant amount of content, implying that the early development stage might be coming to a close soon.

#12 The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

PC | Xbox | PlayStation

Little Hope is worth mentioning here as it’s another installment to The Dark Pictures Anthology franchise which we’ll be getting more into later in this list. Here, players are taking control of college students and their teacher as they become trapped in a haunted abandoned town.

This game is often described as being similar to the iconic Konami survival horror franchise Silent Hill in terms of its setting. The gameplay multiplayer modes are the same as those found in other installments of The Dark Pictures Anthology. Players will be able to join in and make decisions for specific characters which may impact the narrative journey for other characters in the game.

#11 Resident Evil: Revelations 2

PC | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo

Resident Evil has a long history spanning a number of major installments and a slew of spin-offs. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is an interesting addition, taking place between the events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

In the game, Claire Redfield steps back into the franchise after she is accepted into an anti-bioterrorism organization called Terra Save. However, during her welcome party, a group storms the building and takes Claire along with Moria Burton. The duo wake up to find themselves in an abandoned facility leaving them to work together in hopes of figuring out what’s going on. This game features cooperative gameplay support where you’ll find the usual tropes from the Resident Evil franchise such as gathering resources like ammo, dealing with hostile undead enemies, and completing a series of puzzles.

#10 The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

PC | Xbox | PlayStation

Supermassive Games hit it big when they launched Until Dawn. If you’re a fan of horror games, chances are you’ve already played that title. However, the studio has since gone on to make a collection of horror titles under the name The Dark Pictures Anthology. The gameplay is very much the same as Until Dawn, which more or less consists of making decisions and exploring. However, did you know that these new horror games offer a multiplayer game mode?

There are two modes available–one with multiple players locally and one for a secondary player online. Essentially, the game splits control of the characters between players rather than a single player having complete control. This way, everyone involved will be altering the storyline. In Man of Medan, players will be diving into the sea with a group of friends in search of sunken treasure, but it turns out that there’s something sinister lurking in the depths.

#9 Killing Floor 2  

PC | Xbox | PlayStation

Killing Floor 2 tosses players into another wave-based zombie game. Players will continue fighting off Zeds, similar to what we were dealing with in the first Killing Floor. However, the hostiles will continue to get tougher with each new wave. From there, it’s a tough battle to stay alive and keep your enemies at bay.

Along the way, you’ll earn funds to save up and use for different gear to keep you progressing through the tougher rounds. It’s an easy game to pick up and play, but with anything waved-based, there can be a steep challenge towards your eventual end. It’s all about the challenge.

#8 Unfortunate Spacemen


Unfortunate Spacemen is a lot like Among Us, except it’s first-person and free-to-play. The gameplay is extremely similar– a group goes about their business but among the group, one hostile player can shift into a monster and attack. However, players are armed with weapons to use against the hostile enemy. It’s all about gaining players’ trust and then betraying them, leaving the title full of paranoia and desperation.

#7 Back 4 Blood

PC | Xbox | PlayStation

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. The original development studio behind the IP, Turtle Rock Studios, decided to offer fans another new thrilling zombie co-op shooter. While the fan base for Left 4 Dead is still very much enjoying the first two installments, Turtle Rock offers essentially the same experience but with modern visuals and mechanics. In the game, players work with a group of other human players or AI as they venture out into different areas gunning down mindless infected monsters. It’s all about gathering weapons and blowing enemies to smithereens. Again, similar to Left 4 Dead, the game offers a variety of different monster types that will show up, each with unique attacks or weak spots to aim for.

Each new playable character has a few unique attributes that may make them appealing to certain players. For instance, Hoffman comes in packing with the ability to find ammo after taking down an enemy, while Holly can replenish stamina after killing an infected. Still, even if the base attributes don’t appeal to you, there’s the card mechanic system. Players can build up their character by equipping certain cards which add additional buffs. The enemy AI has its own card system, which means you’ll be dealing with buffed enemies as well.

#6 Hunt: Showdown

PC | Xbox | PlayStation

Those of you looking for an intense battle against players and hostile enemy AI might find some fun with this title. Hunt: Showdown is a game that takes some inspiration from Darksiders while giving players something new to enjoy. In this title, players will battle against all kinds of monsters in the bayous of Louisiana. There are quite a few creepy things hanging around, so it’s best to bring a friend.

This intense FPS game is one that most may find challenging to get used to, but getting over the learning curve is well worth it. Currently, the title has left early access and can be enjoyed fully with more content steadily being released.

#5 The Forest

PC | PlayStation

The Forest tosses players into the role of a man that ends up in a plane crash with his son–but at least you stick the landing. Stuck on an inhabited island full of cannibalistic mutants, players are forced to endure an uphill battle when their son ends up missing. Most praise this game for its unique AI, as the cannibals are not initially much of a problem. Instead, they are more curious about who you are and what you’re doing. As a result, they’ll stay away and just watch you from a distance, but soon, they’ll get closer and will begin wrecking your structures. These guys could use some serious etiquette classes.

This enemy group will even test you to see if you’ll back down when they charge, but as they learn more about you, they become more hostile. The Forest can also be enjoyed as a cooperative gameplay experience with players having the ability to work together, gather resources, build up structures, and take on the baddies.

#4 Resident Evil 5

PC | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo

Many don’t reminisce about Resident Evil 5 as fondly as other entries in the survival horror franchise, but there are quite a few fans out there that enjoyed it for its unique action-horror gameplay. Players step into the shoes of Chris Redfield, aided by BSAA agent Sheva Alomar. Set in Africa, a new Bio-Organic Weapon is suspected and it’s up to our duo to figure out what’s going on in the area. Meanwhile, the players are dealing with a new infection that’s turning civilians into mindless zombie-like creatures.

Resident Evil 5 features a cooperative game mode where two players can take on the roles of the characters mentioned. Here, you will battle against hostile enemies, gather resources such as ammo or health, and solve a series of puzzles. While the narrative attaches itself to the mainline series, there is still plenty of over-the-top action-horror gameplay to be had–even if you’re not the biggest Resident Evil fan.

#3 Dying Light  

PC | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo

Techland had a hit when they released Dead Island. Following that, however, they moved on to a new IP called Dying Light. Instead of a tropical paradise, the game puts players in a bleak world where they take the role of Kyle Crane. Kyle has infiltrated a quarantine zone city called Harran, believed to be infested with a new virus that’s turned humanity into mindless zombies. During the day, you’ll find that these zombies are pretty easy and tame to deal with. However, things take a drastic turn during the night, as the zombies become incredibly aggressive.

Fortunately, players have a wide range of parkour skills at the ready, so making it around the city on foot is pretty easy when you need to flee. Combat has been changed from the melee-focused gameplay we saw in Dead Island to a focus on gunplay, giving players a more intense action-adventure experience. Players can go through the campaign cooperatively, or can also play with friends in a battle-infected mode where one infected player sets out to infect the rest of the group.

#2 Left 4 Dead 2

PC | Xbox

Left 4 Dead was such an iconic hit that it didn’t take very long before we got our hands on a sequel. This cooperative game sees players battling different zombie types while completing objectives and attempting to find an escape. This game is relatively old at this point, released in 2009. Despite this, there is still a very active playerbase. Trust us–you’ll never have trouble getting a game going. Add some fan-created mods in and you can count on a good time.

#1 Dying Light 2 Stay Human

PC | Xbox | PlayStation

One of the more anticipated game releases for 2022 was Techland’s sequel to Dying Light. In Dying Light 2, players are treated to a narrative set a few years after the first game’s events, taking on the role of Aiden and seeking information about where your missing sister might be. Of course, this is set in another haven city as humanity strives to avoid the undead horde. A big part of the game is still very much parkour traversal. Aiden is skilled at quickly moving around the town and using melee combat, which is crucial for avoiding both thugs and the undead. Best of all, if you want to play with friends, Dying Light 2 Stay Human offers up to four-player cooperative support.

There is a slight catch–you can’t start the game right off the bat with co-op. Instead, you’ll need to go through the first hour or so to catch up on the narrative and some of the mechanics. After that, you’ll be able to enable co-op support in which you can join or invite friends to a game. Essentially, you’re able to go through the rest of the game with friends. Fortunately, the gear and XP progression you gain during the game will carry over as well, so you’re still able to gain some progress for your character back in the single-player component. It’s worth noting that this game focuses heavily on making choices throughout the campaign, and only the host will be able to make those choices.