40 Best Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends

Even when you’re physically apart from your friends and family, it’s still possible to connect and have fun together through the use of online multiplayer games.

Download a multiplayer game and get yourself online so you and your friends can race, battle, quiz, and work together to complete challenges and win rewards.

Time apart doesn’t have to be lonely, because there’s a game out there for every friend group.

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Here are 40 online multiplayer games to play with friends.

1. Joking Hazard

If you and your friends whip out a deck of Cards Against Humanity at every house party, you’ll love this online equivalent. Complete a comic with your choice of hilarious one-liners. The funniest answer wins. Play the game with up to 6 players!

2. Grand Theft Auto V

Join a life of fictional crime with one of the gaming industry’s best-selling video games. In online mode, you can play with up to 30 of your friends when you speed around Los Angeles and complete over-the-top theft missions.

3. Dungeons & Dragons

This game takes place in a fantasy realm where you and your pals must wind your way through fortresses and across the paths of mystical creatures. Loved by characters from “Stranger Things” to “The Big Bang Theory,” this game is a cult classic.

4. Mario Kart Tour

Everyone’s favorite childhood game is now available online for more racing antics. Exchange user IDs with your friends and play together as your favorite characters. Try not to fall out over who gets to pick Yoshi.