A Pixel-Art Top-Down Adventure Game Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Black Skylands: A Pixel-Art Top-Down Adventure Game Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Black Skylands, developed by Hungry Couch and published by tinyBuild, has made its debut on the Nintendo Switch. This pixel-art top-down adventure game offers players a unique experience as they accompany the young pilot Eva on a thrilling journey through the vast and dangerous skies.

Although not strictly a plane game, Black Skylands combines open-world exploration with twin-stick shooter action, creating an intriguing blend of arcade-style gameplay and adventure elements. The game has also been in early access, receiving four major updates that have enhanced its storyline and overall player experience.

Accompanied by her loyal companion, the moth Luma, Eva’s mission is to protect the floating islands from various threats, as they traverse diverse landscapes such as farms, deserts, and infected lands. Engaging in combat both in the skies and on the ground, players have the opportunity to upgrade their equipment and ship using advanced technology.

If you’re curious about what Black Skylands has to offer, you can watch the trailer below for a sneak peek of the game’s dynamic and immersive world.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch release, Black Skylands is also available on other platforms, allowing a wider audience to embark on this thrilling adventure. If you enjoy this game, you might also be interested in exploring other indie games or discovering the best adventure games available on the Nintendo Switch.