Amazon Games Announces New Multiplayer Action Game

Amazon Games has more online games in the pipeline. Amazon is trying very hard to build itself up as a worth competitor in the gaming space, even though it has had some struggles over the last few years. Its first truly big game, Crucible, launched in May of 2020 before returning to a closed beta status later that summer. In October of that same year, the game was essentially canceled and shut down after it was decided that the game didn’t have a sustainable future. It was a pretty public failure, but Amazon built itself back up with the immensely popular MMO New World and Lost Ark. Both games have had tremendous success and allowed Amazon to cement itself as a proper games publisher.

It seems Amazon is looking to continue to make big games as they’ve signed a deal with Disruptive Games to publish a new online multiplayer action-adventure game. The untitled multiplatform game will have cooperative and competitive play with further details being held for a later date. Amazon Games used this announcement to reaffirm its commitment to gaming, something that was in some doubt after reports about how the division was run surfaced in 2021.

“At Amazon Games, we’re focused on developing and publishing high-quality games that foster strong communities and keep people playing for years to come,” said Christoph Hartmann, VP, Amazon Games. “We’re accomplishing this by creating our own IPs and selectively publishing external projects from stellar teams like Disruptive Games. The talented team at Disruptive Games is creating a fresh take on the multiplayer action-adventure genre, with strong game design and rich world-building that we’re excited to help bring to players.” 

As of right now, it’s unclear when Disruptive Games’ new title will be released or when we’ll learn more, but hopefully, it won’t be long. Amazon is clearly taking risks by trying to establish new IPs rather than buying other teams to utilize their IPs for themselves. So far, it appears to be working out quite well, even if it took some time to get there.

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