Amazon Prime Gaming free games for May 2023 include Resident Evil 2

Amazon Prime members get access to four games in May — including the remade Resident Evil 2 from 2019 and Lego DC Super-Villains — through the Amazon Luna streaming library included with their Amazon Prime subscription. Those who are paying the premium for an Amazon Luna Plus subscription will find five more games available to that library, as part of Amazon’s monthly, two-prong approach to all-you-can-eat video gaming.

First, the Amazon Luna games for May 2023:

  • Lego DC Super-Villains (2018)
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)
  • Overcooked (2016)
  • Time on Frog Island (2022)

A Lego title has been a mainstay of the free-games racket for nearly a decade now, mainly because it offers so much gameplay and a consistently enjoyable experience. Capcom has done four remakes of its Resident Evil series and all have been bangers. The most recent, Resident Evil 4, launched March 24, making this a timely selection (especially as it stars Leon Kennedy, who made his debut in RE2).

Couch co-op favorite Overcooked was a hit with a long lifespan, getting a sequel in 2018 and then a remastered bundle of both games two years later. Time on Frog Island, the newest of these four, is a top-down, 3D exploration/puzzle adventure that launched in July 2022 and has earned strong review scores, both from games media and Steam players.

Now the Luna Plus additions:

  • Tormented Souls (2021)
  • Retro Classix: Breakthru
  • Retro Classix: Express Raider
  • Retro Classix: Super Real Darwin
  • Retro Classix: Wizard Fire

Unfortunately, not much to write home about here. While the Retro Classix series has indeed brought much loved titles from arcade gaming’s earliest days to modern hardware, the four here are among Data East’s lesser-known cabinets, spanning 1986 to 1992. Tormented Souls, a survival-horror mystery-solver inspired by the Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark series, launched in August 2021 and has a very strong reputation among its Steam audience.

Amazon Luna Plus launched in March 2022 and a monthly subscription costs $9.99 per month. There are currently more than 100 games available to subscribers in its library.

Amazon Prime Gaming is a benefit included with an Amazon Prime membership, which is currently $139 per year, or $14.99 per month. It allows players access to the standard Amazon Luna library. It also confers “Prime Status” on Twitch users, allowing them a free subscription to support a streamer each month.

Prime Gaming, in addition to access to a rotating selection of Amazon Luna titles, offers a ton of free content to Prime subscribers, much of it in-game content or “loot” for popular titles, some of it free games claimed with a code through third parties. When you visit the Amazon Prime Gaming homepage, you can tell which offers are free games through Amazon by the “free game” tag in the upper-left corner of the game’s tile, and the crown icon in the lower right.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misstated the relationship between Amazon Prime Gaming and four of the games its members have access to in May. Those four games are part of a rotating selection of titles offered through Amazon Luna’s standard service, which is a benefit available to all Amazon Prime subscribers. There are other free games that Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can access and download separate from Luna. Those games can be found at the Prime Gaming homepage. This post has been revised to correct and clarify those distinctions.