As Dusk Falls Multiplayer Not Working [SOLVED]

As Dusk Falls is a brand new Interactive Crime Drama Adventure game. It is developed by Interior Night and published by Xbox Game Studios for the Xbox One & Series X. The game is similar to visual novel games and Telltale Games. It primarily focuses on gameplay which involves player choices and branching story paths with consequences affecting them. The game has online as well as local multiplayer modes to make it more unique. However, players are unable to fix some errors, which are causing the multiplayer of As Dusk Falls working not properly as planned. So let’s figure out how you can resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Although the game can be played as a single-player experience, the issues are seemingly familiar to other online games, and their problems like Minecraft’s Internal server error or Warzone Crashing repeatedly.

The developers of the game Interior Night were founded and created by the creative director of the game, Caroline Marchal. She previously worked at Quantic Dream on games like Heavy Rain and more. So knowing that, As Dusk Falls became her next project focused on the drama and interactive genre of Video Games.

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How Does Multiplayer Work In As Dusk Falls?

As Dusk Falls Multiplayer
The Multiplayer Lobby in As Dusk Falls

Now before we discuss the issues of the online mode. It is important to understand how a multiplayer system work and functions in an interactive novel-type game. Most players would be confused at the idea of even implementing a system like it for games of its genre.

Whoever wishes to be the Host of the game will select a new profile in the menu of the game. Here select the “Play with Friends” option and then invite them through your Xbox Live Microsoft account or the Steam overlay options if you’re all on PC.

However, ADF manages to make it all work, especially so that it may accommodate up to 8 players in a session or playthrough. So the multiplayer has the following key elements:

  • During each pivotal and important choice menu in the key story moments of the game, every player in the session will have the option to vote for a choice. These choices will heavily affect the actions, interactions, and dynamics of each scene in the story.
  • Keep in mind you will have a limited voting time, and the choice with the most votes will be selected at the end of the time. If no highest vote wins, the game will randomly pick a choice for the players.
  • The game provides players with a limited amount of overrides. These are counter measurements that players can use to ensure their decision wins during a voting session. The pre-default amount of overrides available in an online session is 3, but the host can customize the value in the settings tab of the game.
  • Most importantly, the game feature Quick-Time-Events or QTEs. These generally require quick inputs of buttons or actions executed in the game. All players in the session will contribute to them differently, so be aware of that fact. You can adjust them in the accessibility settings menu of the game before each session.

How To Fix The Multiplayer Issues In As Dusk Falls

There is no shortage of errors in the online multiplayer of As Dusk Falls, which has slight issues when it comes to working as planned. Unfortunately, these can end up causing players to be unable to join their friends. Even worse is that it may sometimes prevent you from accessing the online modes.

The error seems to have dedicated message prompts rather than the complex and specific PS5 error Codes or even worse instances like the Co-Op not working in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Players on the internet and community forums of the game have filed complaints of receiving errors like “Multiplayer Not Working in As Dusk Falls” or “As Dusk Falls failed to join the game”. These are pretty self-explanatory to understand but for now, let’s discuss some workarounds & methods to resolve these problems.

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Restarting Your System

First things first, you should try rebooting your PC or Xbox console. It is by far the oldest trick in the book when it comes to solving annoying occurrences of game dishing out random issues. Even more so, a lot of bugs and glitches found in games tend to be fixed with a simple restart of the device or game.

Most games tend to have some of their data mishandled, so it ends freezing the game or causing these irrelevant errors to pop up out of the blue. We recommend just simply restarting the PC from the Windows home button. If you have the game or your OS installed on an M.2 or any SSD storage, it will reboot much faster than normal.

Alternatively, you can try “Power Cycling” the console if restarting it once or twice does not work out. It is a pretty easy workaround that is a little different from just restarting it from the menus of each hardware. You can also apply to use it for your PC too. You can implement power cycling using the following way:

  • Make sure your Xbox or PC is completely powered off.
  • Detach the main power plug of the console from the power outlet to disconnect any electricity.
  • Now just to be sure, we suggest waiting around for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Reconnect the system power supply again with your system.
  • Boot up the console and PC and check if the Multiplayer in Ask Dusk Falls is working or not now.

Uninstall & Reinstall The Game

It is important to note that the game had a recent release just a few days ago. Nowadays, Video Games tend to launch in an unfinished state of design. Players can also end up doing an improper installation of them. Thus it creates several problems ranging from performance issues as well as game-breaking errors.

So if the problems end up constantly irritating you, then it’s time to do a full reinstall of the game. It may sound like a huge hassle, but it will undoubtedly help you. It is also worth noting that ADF is around 50+ GB on the Xbox Series X consoles, while on PC, it weighs around 70 Gigabytes.

Both Steam and the Xbox Interface have easy-to-access layouts, which can make reinstalling the game complete and easy without any issues. Just make sure you are not facing any power or issues or anything similar which can corrupt or hinder your installation.

Xbox players can simply delete the game from the home screen via a press of the options button from their controller on the title, while steam users will have to click uninstall and then install the game again in their library.

If you have a strong internet connection with about 20MB/s, then the game should roughly take you a day to download at max. Most developers tend to launch patches or updates to fix these tedious multiplayer error bugs, but until that happens, you should try reinstalling the game as a whole to see if it fixes the problems for you.

Check The Server Status

Online multiplayer games require a fixated connection with the backend servers provided by the Developers. Any unwanted interference (whether external or internal) can interrupt your gameplay and causes issues. As of yet, there are no official pages where players can actively track the status of the servers in ADF.

Twitter support As Dusk Falls
The official Twitter account of As Dusk Falls

However, you will be glad to know that the developers are aware of the ongoing multiplayer bug in the game, as stated by their Official Twitter Account, where they addressed the bug’s existence. It means that the problem is indeed something to do with the game’s backend systems.

The update may take some time to roll out, as stated by the community manager of the account. So aside from that, we recommend still trying any of the workarounds we mention to help you log into the multiplayer of As Dusk Falls and check if they help you prevent the errors or not.

Improving Your Network Connection

Believe it or not, as less demanding as the game is, you will still need a stable internet connection to play it smoothly without any problems. A lot is going into the game, as each choice that appears inside the game will demand that players lock in their votes for the choices.

Not to mention, Quick-time-events consistently occur at crucial sequences. So having poor network connectivity will only cause problems for not just you but other players in the session too playing alongside you. We highly suggest having at least internet with a 4MB or higher connection.

Additionally, you can also invest in an ethernet cable connection instead of wireless internet on your system. All of these methods will ensure the bandwidth is optimal as well as boast a strong connection too. It will also help keep the game’s peer-to-peer connection with the servers in check.


As Dusk Falls was launched as an independent project, uplifted by the support from Xbox Game Studios. This is Interior Party’s first official game, and it is shaping up to be one of the most popular new interactive games after a long time. The genre of the game itself had been getting stale and bland for a while now.

The developers are hard at work implementing a fix for the multiplayer not working, but as soon as they do, you will be the first to know of any updates when you log into the game again. The methods we have listed have managed to work for some people on the Reddit & Discord communities of the game.

We can only hope it does the same for you and anyone else experiencing issues with the online mode of the game. For now, this wraps up our brief error fix methods on how to solve the multiplayer error in As Dusk Falls. Let us know if the game runs smoothly for you and if you are enjoying it so far in the comments box below!

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