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There are other elements, like battles and puzzles, that become part of the journey as well. But in general, adventure games are broad and can take many different forms. Some of the best games ever made are considered to be adventure games, but each of those games is very different from the other.

This includes games that changed the way players view gameplay in Adventure mode, improved storytelling to make audiences feel more like the characters, and introduced new ways to interact with puzzles. From walking simulators to deep experiences that require a lot of skill and patience, the best adventure games can paint a broad brush and have had a huge influence on what the industry offers today.

Here is the list of the best adventure games for Chrome OS

The High Odyssey

Released three years ago, the original Alto’s Adventure was a resounding success. Players loved the simple yet exciting gameplay, beautiful visuals, and relaxing soundtrack, resulting in millions of copies sold across multiple platforms. Three years later, developer Team Alto is back with a sequel. The game, called Alto’s Odyssey, has similar gameplay to the original, but with some new twists and a whole new setting. It is already available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV and we decided to check it out.

Unlike the snowy peaks of Alto’s Odyssey, in this game you slide from sand dunes to a desert. You just slide but you have to tap the screen to jump on the rocks. When you get enough air from a jump, you can hold down to do a somersault. You can also jump ropes to sharpen them. Doing either of these things will increase your speed and also give you a temporary shield to break rocks.

arcane legends

Arcane Legends is a 3D semi-open world MMORPG published by Spacetime Games, the creators of Pocket Legends, Dark Legends, and Star Legends. Explore a huge fantasy world full of monsters and quests. Team up with up to three other players from around the world and make your way across huge maps.

Choose one of three unique classes (Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer). Collect a wide variety of pets to fight by your side and level up as you level up. Complete hundreds of missions and discover more than 1000 different weapons, armor and items. Play solo or cooperative PvE or fight with others in real-time PvP.

shadow fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting/role playing game for iOS and Android devices. A sequel to 2013’s Shadow Fight 2, it features ads and an in-app store, and players are encouraged to purchase in-app currency, energy, and items to progress faster and easier. It includes an online versus mode, but there is no player chat or friends list. Combat is the main focus of the game, with players shown fighting humans using swords, axes, crossbows, and pikes.

But the battles are bloodless, and defeated opponents would rather be eliminated than killed. Occasionally the dialogue contains a slight curse. Please read the developer’s privacy policy for details about how your information is collected, used, shared, and the choices you may have here, and note that the privacy policy and terms of service change from time to time.

assassin’s Creed

Origins takes us back to ancient Egypt and allows us to discover a world before the brotherhood, though it’s hard to imagine this ever existed as AC games have been a constant in gaming since 2007. Like Bayek, a Medjay and eventual founder of the Secret Order of Assassins, the player must make his way through deserts and forgotten cities, either on camel or horseback and in the company of important political figures of the time.

Origins offers a refreshing journey into the AC universe, where assassin lore is stripped down to the bare minimum and exploited.

Go home

If you like adventures with just a touch of tragedy and a thoughtful look at issues related to gender and sexuality, Gone Home is the indie title to explore. It may not be the use of heavy weapons like the other and it may not take you through vast lands, but it invites you to explore a gripping and bittersweet story about a girl’s reason for running away from her parents’ house. .

Told through the lens of a young woman searching for her sister, Gone Home is designed to wander through a large, empty house and slowly search for clues as to what happened here. It might not sound like an adventure in the traditional sense, but it’s certainly fascinating enough to keep you just as interested as the aforementioned big-budget games.

the wolf among us

This 2014 cult hit from Telltale took classic fairy tale characters, rediscovered them in a hidden city in 1980s New York, and threw them all into the mix of a player-led murder investigation. As the reformed Big Bad Wolf, you can lead the hunt for the killer as the gruff detective type, only in this case the suspects and assistants are all familiar from fairy tales.

In the episodes you must unravel the mystery of the murders that take place in Fabletown and soon the whole fabric of this strange community begins to unravel. The Wolf Among Us is an oddity you won’t soon forget, so head over to Fabletown and enjoy the chaotic nature of it all.

Until sunrise

Often heralded as one of the slickest survival horror games out there, this 2015 hit from Supermassive Games is the story of a night in the snowy mountains of Blackwood, where you turn on and off as eight different characters; all of whom must work together to escape the assorted and mysterious horrors that crush their wintry reunion.

The gameplay in Until Dawn consists primarily of quick-time events, and like in Life is Strange, the butterfly effect is used throughout the story to ensure that the player is constantly aware of the consequences of their hasty actions, somewhat that ups the game’s stakes and makes for a much more intriguing flip through the woods than your usual horror fare. If isolation prevents you from spending a real night out somewhere with friends, why not do it in Until Dawn? Minus the Wendigos, of course.

Life is strange

Similar to The Walking Dead, this journey through an extraordinary period in a teenage girl’s life is filled with moments where the choices she makes will have an immutable impact on the future. Set in a small town, a place that serves as a tentative and delicate exploration of identity, Life is Strange sees protagonist Max travel back in time, making and losing friendships in an attempt to solve the mystery that shrouds her home.

With expert storytelling and emotional intelligence always on display here, Life is Strange is the perfect adventure for anyone looking for heart-warming in their games.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Possibly the jewel in Telltale’s crown, this take on the seemingly timeless comic book series is loaded with emotional devastation, sensitivity, and near-impossible choices; all while battling hordes of walkers. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because The Walking Dead is deeply rooted in emotion, that doesn’t make it a dynamic and often terrifying slice of action.

You will have to defend yourself against the creatures that claw at your flesh as much as you will have to make difficult and strategic decisions. If you’re looking for a real distraction during lockdown, check out this morality test set in a humble zombie game that you might otherwise miss.

unknown collection

Is it possible to talk about great adventure games without mentioning Nathan Drake’s name at least once? Naughty Dog’s definitive series puts you in the boots of Nathan’s sidekick: a treasure hunter extraordinaire and Indiana Jones-esque charmer, with his own fascinating backstory (if you can excuse the pun). In four episodes, Nathan travels the world alongside other wanderers in search of artifacts, truth, and glory in abundance.

Filled with puzzles, firefights, and plenty of stealth for those who prefer to sneak through decaying ruins, Uncharted is endless in the delights it offers anyone wondering if X really is marking the spot with all the free time they have at home on this moment.

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