Best Car Games on Roblox

Looking for the best car games on Roblox? Scroll down to find out.

Roblox is a popular destination for avid gamers and has become a trend across different generations of gamers.

This global platform connects all game enthusiasts such that a big community has been created within the vast multiplayer games. Indeed, car games are a popular genre in Roblox as the users with a “need for speed” enjoy a sea of such games available on Roblox.

Take the opportunity to race out in your dream cars and make new friends! This article discusses:

  • The best car games on Roblox for Outsider Gaming,
  • An overview of each entry.


This roleplaying game allows users to pick their role among other players and jump into a car where they can either race or simply drive around fictional towns and beautiful places to explore.

Pacifico is all about relaxing by driving up the coast along the Pacific Ocean while enjoying the view.

Driving Empire

Driving Empire is a great car racing option with over 250 cars to choose from and customize to your taste. It features realistic cars and driving techniques with an open map to explore and earn money as you drive.

Players can select cars, motorcycles, or even boats to carry out their races and use those earnings to purchase even more cars for the collection. Interestingly, Driving Empire also involves some aspects of roleplay which allows you to choose to be a citizen, police, or criminal.


One of the top roleplaying car games on Roblox involves simply driving around to explore a real life-inspired town and hang out with friends.

The many different car models in Greenville include everyday cars which you can adjust from the color to the type of bumper as you drive around town earning money from a realistic job.

Super Car Tycoon

The Super Car Tycoon game starts with players building their car collections from the ground up as they have fun establishing a car dealership in the city.

Featuring a wide array of cars for players to race or cruise in for extra cash, this game balances between tycoon and racing mechanics, giving players the opportunity to focus on a preference.


The fifth game on this list has been played over six billion times and provides an adventure in which you can plan a robbery or catch criminals.

Jailbreak allows you to join forces with friends to plan the ultimate raid or heist and choose your role in it.


Car racing games provide an escape from reality for many gamers and Roblox offers this horizon of escapism and fun which is an excellent medium for unwinding and relieving the stress of hectic everyday life.