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Get Started on Luckyland Slots

If you’re starting to play on Luckyland Slots, you’ll want to know: just what are the best Luckyland Slots games?!

There are many slot games included on Luckyland Slots, so as you level up and start to win, you’ll accrue more Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, which you can then redeem for prizes!

Luckyland Slots is a social casino, which means it’s closely tied to social networks, and allows players to get involved in free slot games. Luckyland Slots uses a ‘coins’ system for their gameplay – Gold Coins are used for standard play and can be purchased for use when playing the games. FREE Sweeps Coins can’t be purchased, but can be earned through winning specific slots, or via other means. You can redeem your winnings from Sweeps Coins to earn real prizes including cash.

Best Slots to Play on Luckyland Slots

As you start playing on Luckyland Slots, you’ll be questioning which are the best online slot games to start playing.

Here are some of the very best slots you can play when starting out on Luckyland Slots:

Olé Flamenco on Luckyland Slots

Through elegance and the variance of style throughout the slot, you can play across the 50 different lines, ensuring the different options to win.

When 3 free symbols are in view whilst on a wheel, you’ll win the prize reel above. The prize reel above reels 2 and 4 are locked during the base game, and this can only be unlocked during the Free feature.

The free feature can also be won on the Prize reel or landing 5 or more free symbols in view.

Olé Flamenco How to Play

Play Olé Flamenco on Luckyland Slots

Through the different winning symbols and winning lines, these are the ways and possibilities to be able to win even more coins – which continuously increases depending on the amount which is in your total play.

In addition, because there are 50 different lines to take advantage of, you can mix these through the symbols to win even more coins!

To ensure that you can win even more coins as you’re using this slot as you’re starting, you can utilize the progress of this. The mini, minor, and grand prizes will continue to increase through each type of slot spin – giving you even more possibilities to win!

Olé Flamenco Luckyland Slots

Winner & a Movie on Luckyland Slots

Take your slot to the movies, sit back, and relax! This special slot allows you to view two movies which are available to indulge yourself in and play!

Through slightly different themes available whilst in the slot, you can choose the movie which you prefer the look of and start watching the prizes you can potentially win.

Winner & a Movie Luckyland Slots

Play Winner & a Movie on Luckyland Slots

You can play across the 25 different winning lines, giving you more possibilities to win, in addition to the symbols and bonuses you can utilize throughout the slots.

Through two other features, these are the Jackpot Hold and Spin features, this is a way to trigger even more awards. Through coins in the slot, this will give you multiple times the play value as winning, in addition to free spins!

The other feature is the Free Spin feature, this is as the name suggests the way to win more free spins. Whether it be 10, 15 or 25 free spins they can be won and retriggered throughout this slot game.

Winner & a Movie Winning Lines

Similarly, to the previous slot, Olé Flamenco, this is another progressive slot. As you utilize this slot, in addition to the other features and benefits – you can also win progressive prizes for each spin play.

In the minor, which is at 12,500 coins, major, which is at 25,000 coins – these two increases for each amount in the total play – and the grand prize which increases for each spin in action. These will continue to grow, bringing you even more awards to win!

Winner & a Slot Luckyland Slots

Power of Ra on Luckyland Slots

As the coin amount continues to grow, this is a slot that you can really join and indulge in once you’ve started building your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins and winning these slots!

Starting at 5,000 coins in the total play, you can indulge yourself in this slot to be won across the 50 different line combinations.

Whilst you’re playing on the Power of Ra, there is an additional jackpot that can be won. During the main game and the free spins, there is also a progressive jackpot which is won with a full screen of the eagle symbols only, the jackpot win is added to line wins.

Power of Ra Jackpot

Play Power of Ra on Luckyland Slots

In addition to the other 9 symbols which give you more chances to win amazing prizes, more coins, and XP towards playing even more online slots! There are also two other winning symbols that you can utilize for more prizes.

Bring the Wild and Free Symbols, these are placed into your slot, can you win them?

For the ‘Wild’ symbols become substitutes for any symbol which are except the Scatter symbol. This is where it becomes more adventurous for the slot through the swapping of symbols.

Whereas, for the Free symbol, for the 3, 4, or 5 adjacent symbols, this starts with the leftmost reel. This will also pay and trigger the free spin feature. Through the different wins, 10, 15, or 20 free spins are awarded respectively.

Power of Ra Luckyland Slots

Mayan Gold

Starting with the 300 coins within the total play, this is also displayed across the different 30 lines. Featured in the pay line diagram, there are many different colored variations that you can utilize and play against.

Mayan Gold Payline Diagram

Play Mayan Gold on Luckyland Slots

Across the first nine symbols, these are the ones that you need to be looking for to figure out if you’ve won prizes before they actually land.

Depending on the total play which you’ve configured, this can higher or lower the amount you’re able to win once the symbol appears in the slot.

Mayan Gold Symbols

Dragon’s Den

As you reach the lair of the Dragon’s Den (not the TV show), see if you are able to slay the dragon and win! As you win more games, you can build your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, and then redeem your Sweeps Coins for real prizes.

Indulge across the 40 different variations of lines, starting with a total play of 400 coins, this brings even more ways to win prizes!

Dragon's Den Paylines

Play Dragons Den on Luckyland Slots

As this is one of the slots in which you indulge yourself as you’re getting started, you can indulge in the different dragon-themed symbols. The prizes you’re able to win increase depending on the total play – being able to increase to millions of coins!

As well as the other dragon-themed symbols you can use, there are three more which will unlock amazing prizes. In the slot, the Wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except Bonus and Scatter.

Additionally, there is a dragon symbol when two symbols are on reels 1 and 6, this triggers the Free Spins! When the free spin reward is entered, this is won at 400 coins.

Dragon's Den Luckyland Slots

Across the game, there is also a Dragon Hatchery mini-game triggered randomly. This is another way to be able to indulge yourself in the game and win even more prizes.

Being in the midst of the slot, you need to keep spinning to activate the slot, this ensures that you can keep playing the slot and indulge yourself continuously in the mini-game!

Dragon's Den Slots Symbols

Play Free Slots to Win Cash Prizes

As you play the range of slots on Luckyland Slots, there are many prizes which are available to be won – one of these prizes is the ability to redeem cash prize!

You can play Luckyland Slots free casino games on the Luckyland Slots app, which is free to download for either Apple or Android devices.

When you sign up for Luckyland Slots via PokerNews, in addition to the range of slots to play, why not win cash prizes through Sweeps Coins?

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