Best PC Co-Op Games in 2022

Finding the best co-op games on PC in 2022 can be tricky. The platform is known more for competitive multiplayer than titles that encourage players to work together. Fortunately, we’ve been able to put together a list of games that should entice gamers of any cloth.

The co-op PC games below will let you explore the galaxy, start a farm, save the world, and more. They range from extremely simple to incredibly complicated and can deepen the bond you have with your friends and loved ones.

What are the best co-op multiplayer PC games in 2022?

The games below are some of the best co-op experiences on PC. This list is far from complete, but we tried to find a wide variety of games from which to choose.

Back 4 Blood

This spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series has players fighting against hordes of infected while trying to complete objectives and exit the level. There’s quite a bit of content to be enjoyed here, and up to four players can team up and attempt to survive. It’s gotten some flak for unbalanced difficulty, but it’s worth a shot for any group that wants to slaughter some zombies.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is in early access, but it’s still one of the best co-op RPG experiences available. You can play the whole game together, and you’ll need the help to solve the puzzles you’ll find and fight the enemies you’ll face.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has had its ups and downs, but the game is in a decent position right now. It’s still a confusing mess of a game with way too many systems and a neverending grind for an endgame. However, it also offers a ton of co-op content that up to four players can enjoy. Most players have a love-it-or-hate-it relationship with Destiny 2, but it will sate your co-op needs for quite a while if it clicks for you.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 was one of the best co-op experiences on PC over 20 years ago, and some things don’t change. Diablo 2 Resurrected updates the classic for modern platforms without modifying the iconic gameplay we fell in love with. This game has aged surprisingly well, and playing it now; it’s easy to see just how far ahead of its time it was.

Divinity Original Sin 2

It’s hard to believe, but you can play this sprawling RPG in co-op from beginning to end. This is one of the heftier co-op games on this list, and it’s a big commitment. However, those who put in the time and effort will be rewarded with one of the best stories in gaming and an opportunity to bust out their roleplaying chops to the fullest.

Final Fantasy XIV

The once crowded MMO genre has petered down to just a handful of major titles, but where others have been on the decline, Final Fantasy XIV is at the height of its popularity. While this isn’t a traditional co-op experience, few activities require you to interact with strangers. Now’s a great time to start playing as the original storyline has reached its conclusion, and a new one will begin with the next expansion.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 strikes the perfect balance between simulation and arcade gameplay to make for a great co-op experience. You can race around the map together, enter events, and collect cars to your heart’s content. There’s simply no better co-op experience in the racing genre.

Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online has been criticized because of its heavy monetization. Still, no one can deny that it’s one of the best multiplayer sandbox experiences on the market. If you just want to run around taking on jobs and zooming around San Andreas, it’s a great game, and you get the excellent single-player campaign along with it.

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Millions of players have fought through the Halo series side-by-side. Now, the first six games are available on PC. Splitscreen is missing, unfortunately, but you can play the co-op campaign online. Saving humanity is still just as enthralling now as it was when these games debuted. No FPS series has managed to surpass Halo yet when it comes to co-op gameplay.

It Takes Two

There’s a reason It Takes Two was on so many game of the year lists last year. It’s a fantastic co-op experience that’s full of variety and adventure. Unfortunately, it maxes out at two players, so it’s not the best title for a group of people. However, few games are entirely crafted around the co-op campaign experience like this one.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will test the limits of your ability to communicate and your friendships. The premise is simple. One player is tasked with defusing a bomb, while the other talks them through how to disarm it. The catch is that neither player can see the other’s screen. It’s a blast (sometimes literally) trying to frantically talk your friends through increasingly complicated scenarios in this unique game.


Minecraft lets you explore an entire world in co-op multiplayer. The game is renowned for capturing and engaging the imaginations of its players, and there’s an endless amount of replayability. Mojang continues to update the game, and while it’s very approachable, it’s also very complex. This is an excellent co-op title for adults and kids alike and continues to be a perennial favorite.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is a great experience solo, but it’s even better with a team of friends duking it out. Taking down the most ferocious beasts on the continent isn’t easy, even with a group. For those who fall in love with the game, the Iceborne expansion brings even more giant beasts to fight.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky launched to massive criticism concerning missing features and broken promises. However, Hello Games has turned it into one of gaming’s biggest redemption stories over the years. On release, it was single-player only, but now it offers a full co-op multiplayer experience that lets you explore the galaxy alongside a group of friends. There’s a massive amount of content to enjoy here, and you can drop in and out of multiplayer as you desire.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 ups the ante over the first game and adds online co-op in addition to local. This is a deceptively simple game that has two or more players assembling dishes. These start easy but become increasingly complex. Only the most coordinated group will master this tricky gameplay when orders start to pile up.


Spooky scary ghosts! Phasmophobia was a surprise hit thanks to support from big-name streamers, and it’s continued to retain a strong and faithful community. There are few co-op multiplayer games since many titles in the genre depend on a feeling of loneliness and isolation to help trigger scares. However, Phasmophobia manages to keep things creepy even though it offers up to four-player multiplayer

Sea of Thieves

Crew a ship full of hearty pirates in Sea of Thieves. This is a game that really comes to life when you play it with others, and a constant stream of updates over the years has made it even better. So now’s a great time to get in and take on krakens and skeletons galore.

Stardew Valley

Sometimes you just want to chill out and farm a plot of land instead of trying to save the world/galaxy/universe. Stardew Valley lets you and up to three other players start the farming life together, and it’s an excellent experience. You can help tend each other’s land, keep your property completely separate, or even become rivals. It’s been seven years since this game was released, and players are still discovering its magic for the first time.


Up to ten players can fight, build, and explore together in Valheim. It’s not as freeform as Minecraft, and there’s a definite goal to achieve, which makes it more approachable. The emphasis in this game is on exploration and preparing for the next boss or biome. The game is still in early access, but it already has a ton of content, and even more biomes, items, and crafting materials are on their way.

We Were Here

Co-op puzzle games are far and few between. However, the We Were Here series has done an excellent job of transforming a traditionally single-player genre into a fantastic multiplayer experience. If you love escape rooms, mysteries, or old adventure games, take a look at this franchise.