Call of Duty fans hail ‘Crash’ as the best multiplayer map of all time

Call Of Duty fans have found what they believe to be the best multiplayer map in existence, ‘Crash’ from Modern Warfare (2007).

I think we can all agree that the Call Of Duty series has been responsible for some incredible multiplayer maps over the years, with the majority coming from what many believe to be the franchise’s “golden era.” Two maps that come to mind immediately are ‘Terminal’ and ‘Scrapyard’, which will reportedly be featured in the upcoming Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

However, fans came together on Reddit to praise what some believe to be not just the best map in Call Of Duty, but the best map of all time, ‘Crash’, in a post that’s garnered over 24,000 upvotes.

Featured in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2007), ‘Crash’ is a small and secluded map, full of blindspots and corners, encouraging fast paced and reactive gameplay, all taking place in a helicopter crash site. It’s a phenomenal map to be sure, but with hundreds of iconic multiplayer gaming maps to choose from, of course there’ll be some conflicting opinions.

Commenters were quick to share their take on the best map of all time, with some being from other Call Of Duty games, and many being from different shooters entirely. “De_dust2 has entered the chat,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Guess you’re too young to remember Carentan.” Someone else said, “Halo 2’s Lockout would like a word with you.”

Other honourable mentions were ‘Blood Gulch’ from Halo: Combat Evolved, which has also been hailed as one of the greatest multiplayer maps ever made. One user even pointed out some of the maps from GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64, another multiplayer classic.

It’s hard to pick the best multiplayer map of all time, as there’s been so many. I’ve always held ‘Valhalla’ from Halo 3 in that spot, but maybe the best maps are the ones we have the most fond memories of?