Car break-ins at Eldridge baseball game

ELDRIDGE, Iowa (KWQC) – Eldridge Police say that six cars were broken into and personal valuables, like purses and wallets, were stolen from them during a little league game at Sheridan Meadows Park on Thursday evening.

All of the victims had one thing in common.

“Each victim that reported their window smashed, there was a purse or a bag left in plain view,” said Officer Garrett Jahns, Community Relations for the Eldridge Police Department. “To where that would probably attract the person that was responsible for doing that.”

Officer Jahns says the thefts follow a pattern seen all across the Quad Cities.

“It’s happening everywhere,” said Jahns. “And it’s happening in other places just beside your average grocery store. It’s happening at nighttime, daytime, it’s happening at workout facilities, it’s happening at, you know, ballgames it’s happening at, you know, the auto body shops. I mean, it’s everywhere.”

For North Scott Little League organizers and parents, this is completely unprecedented.

“They’re pretty frustrated,” said Mark Pratt, Information Officer for North Scott Little League. “I mean, it’s a you know, small, close knit community. And it’s disappointing that that some individuals chose to do that on a beautiful day for baseball.”

The bold nature of the crime is also concerning to some locals that use the park.

“It’s not really nice and it’s just, I would not like that,” said Palmer, an Eldridge child at the park on Friday. “That’s where all the safe stuff is.”

“If I was here, if someone stole stuff from us while I was here, I would not like it,” added Ava, another local child at the park. “I would be upset.”

Still, North Scott Little League is determined to not let this keep them from playing ball.

“Keep coming to the games,” said Pratt. “We’re working with the community members and stakeholders to ensure that our parking lots and leagues and diamonds are safe.”

Eldridge Police do have some tips to help keep the things in your car safe.

“Not only lock your cars, but take your valuables inside as well,” said Jahns. “Even if your vehicle is parked in your garage, make sure you take your keys in with you. Because that’s the best possible way to be safe as possible every time.”

Eldridge Police say there have been no arrests made yet in this case and the investigation is ongoing.

If you know anything about these crimes, you can contact them at 563-285-9822.

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