Cardle Is Like Wordle but for Car Lovers

We’re sure by now you’ve played, or heard of, the online word game, “Wordle.” Each day, users get a new prompt to guess a particular word. By guessing letters, the player slowly discovers which letters are correct and if they’re in the proper position. Can you identify any car by seeing a small portion of it in a photo? There’s a new game called Cardle, but it’s for car lovers only.

What is Cardle?

The Cardle word game is like Wordle, but it presents users with a new car photo everyday to figure out which model it is.

Cardle homepage, May 6, 2022 | Cardle

Cardle is a similar game to Wordle; only it’s car-based. Instead of guessing the word, you need to guess the car. Each day, Cardle offers a new small photo of part of a car. With each guess, the image will change to show different vehicle details. That way, after a few guesses, those who recognize the front end but not the side panel will figure out the answer. Moreover, after five guesses, you have to get the make and model correct.