Death Corp. Kickstarter Goes Live

Alberto, the developer behind Death Corp., has announced that the Kickstarter campaign for his new game will has gone live. Death Corp. is a traditional 2D Point and Click Adventure game where you play as the young new intern for Death’s own company. The game features a wicked story full of fantasy and humor, hand-drawn backgrounds, characters, and interface, mixed of frame-by-frame and skeleton animations, and dark humor painted in bright colors.

In the game, you play as Art, a young college graduate who is offered a job as an intern at Death Corp. after impressing the Grim Reaper with his skills. The game consists of several self-contained chapters filled with references to film and book genres, pop culture, and classic point-and-click games. You will encounter tons of ridiculous characters and solve outrageous and hilarious puzzles.

The Kickstarter campaign for Death Corp. will run for 30 days, and the game will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The game is inspired by Terry Pratchett’s writings, 90s LucasArts classic adventures, and modern point-and-click games like Gibbous, Foolish Mortals, and Prim.

A demo of the game is now available on Steam and Head over to Kickstarter to support the development of Death Corp. and help bring this exciting new game to life!