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To recognise Queen Elizabeth II serving as the monarch for 70 years, a special four-day bank holiday weekend will take place this week. Street parties and afternoon teas are among the activities many Britons will be getting involved in, to recognise the historic milestone. Decorations and games will be a key part of any gathering, and has got you covered, with a host of printable activity sheets and bunting to choose from.

That same day a number of beacons will be lit, as has been tradition in the UK when celebrating royal jubilees, weddings and coronations.

Then, on Friday, June 3, a Service of Thanksgiving for the Queen’s reign will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Great Paul, the largest church bell in the country, will be rung for the service.

The bell was made in 1882, but fell silent in the 1970s due to a broken mechanism.

It was restored in 2021 and has been rung on eight occasions since, though this is the first royal occasion it will be rung.

Her Majesty, accompanied by members of the Royal Family, will attend the Derby at Epsom Downs, on Saturday, June 4.

A Platinum Party at Buckingham Palace will follow shortly afterwards, and be broadcast live to the nation, across the BBC network.

The celebration will see famous faces from the world of entertainment brought together to perform for a night of musical tributes, in celebration of the Jubilee.

Around 22,000 people will attend the event, including 10,000 allocated in a public ballot and 5,000 tickets for key workers.