Epic Games Store’s New Free Game Comes at the Perfect Time

Epic Games Store has three free games available right now, and one comes at a perfect time for PC users. Between now and May 11, all Epic Games Store users can download Kao the Kangaroo for free. Why does this come at the perfect time? Well, because DLC for the game was just released alongside the release of the game’s anniversary edition. Unfortunately, the DLC is not free, but Epic Games Store users can use the money saved on the game that normally costs $29.99 to buy the “Bend the Roo’les” DLC, which costs $7.99. 

What do you get for forking over $7.99? Well, you get a new campaign that is complete with a new boss, the Crab King. Meanwhile, there are also five new levels complete with various challenges, such as a time challenge and a special 2D level of the 3D platformer. 

“Rules are meant to be broken, but rooles are meant to be played,” reads an official blurb about the DLC. “Turning Kao the Kangaroo upside down, Bend The Roo’les is a whole new way to experience the neck-stretching, snoot booping furry icon. It’s the only way you can bend all the rules without doing something illegal! You’ve never seen Kao like this before!”

For those unfamiliar with the game entirely, Kao the Kangaroo debuted last year, 2022, on May 27, via developer Tate Multimedia, which also served as the game’s publisher. And as you can see in the trailer above, the game is inspired by 3D mascot platformers of the late 90s and early 2000s, including its predecessors, as the series actually dates back to 2000, though before this release it was dormant since 2005. 

Once download via Epic Games Store, the base game is yours to keep. This isn’t a free trial nor is it the download linked to any subscription. All you need is an Epic Games Store account, which is free, and once claimed the game is yours forever, well for as long as it’s available on the digital PC storefront.