Every Google Stadia Exclusive That Could Disappear Soon

An image shows a boy in a blue suit carrying a red laser sword and yellow shield.

Picture: Q-Video games / Google

Earlier now, Google verified that its shutting down Stadia, its limited-lived cloud gaming company. Whilst the corporation strategies on refunding all software program and components buys connected to Stadia, the long run of the few remaining exclusives on the company is fewer clear. And if they never get ported to other platforms just before Stadia rides into the sunset upcoming calendar year, they could completely vanish, hardly ever to be performed yet again.

When Google Stadia released in late 2019, the research engine firm had large options, promising exceptional online games that would make use of features only doable through cloud streaming and off-internet site computing. In the yrs that adopted, Google would cease focusing on Stadia exclusives, even closing down its own match studio in the process. Having said that, a few special games keep on being stranded on Stadia. And with today’s unexpected information that Stadia is shutting down completely on January 18, 2023, we never know what will transpire to these online games. In both a web site put up asserting the shutdown and a FAQ about the condition, Google unsuccessful to explain what is the upcoming for the handful of remaining Stadia exclusives.

Kotaku has contacted Google about these video games and will update the put up if it shares any new specifics or strategies with us.

By our count, there are five game titles that can only be performed via Google Stadia. Here’s the list:

Hi there Engineer


Launched in Oct 2021, this is the latest distinctive on the listing. Good day Engineer is explained by the devs as a “multiplayer equipment-setting up construction game” and is established in the similar universe as the well-liked horror recreation, Hello there Neighbor.

PixelJunk Raiders


This is a improperly reviewed 3rd-person roguelike action sport from the people at Q-Game titles, the similar devs who created The Tomorrow Children and the other PixelJunk game titles.) It does have a neat attribute wherever gamers can share a screenshot and other folks can hop into that video game point out utilizing just that impression. But the relaxation of the activity appears variety of dull.


Splash Hurt

Made by Splash Problems, Outcasters is a top-down on-line multiplayer overcome recreation that attributes figures that search like they fell out of a Drop Fellas knock-off. Even though some gamers had great issues to say about Outcasters, it hasn’t located the audience it necessary, even immediately after going cost-free-to-perform, and it seems like these days it is generally a ghost town.

PAC-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

Bandai Namco

Produced in 2020, Mega Tunnel Battle brings together the typical Pac-Male arcade sport with a battle royale. Up to 64 players can enjoy jointly, competing to be the previous Pac-Man standing whilst using a blend of new and returning ability-ups throughout retro-impressed maps.


Tequilla Performs

GYLT is a third-person horror video game starring a young girl and is deemed by several Stadia enthusiasts to potentially be the ideal special recreation unveiled on the support. It was formulated by Tequilla Will work and is about six hours prolonged, packed with some respectable jump scares, puzzles and fight. Very little super special, but a good video game that will ideally get ported to Steam or Swap so much more individuals can love GYLT for a long time to come.

Though some of these game titles are not incredible and I doubt numerous individuals would care if they never ever got to engage in them yet again, losing them would however be a disgrace. Video sport preservation is crucial if we want to preserve this artwork form’s historical past and demonstrate how it has evolved and altered in excess of a long time of innovation and new know-how. Dropping these games to the void, even if some of them aren’t all that great, would suck.

Ideally, the devs and publishers associated can and will port them to other platforms. If that does not happen, they’ll die for good when Google kills the Stadia servers, as not even pirates have been ready to rip and share the game titles on the internet. A unhappy stop to online games that folks most likely invested yrs doing the job on.