Forza comes to mobile in new match-three puzzle game

Forza Customs is a new game in the Forza series that arrives today on mobile.

Available on both iOS and Google Play, it’s a car-themed match-three free-to-play puzzle game to restore beat-up cars. There’s no actual racing.

Players are given a series of tasks, like designing and modifying parts, which all cost points. How do you acquire points? Completing match-three puzzles.

Forza Motorsport – Official Gameplay of the Initial RacesWatch on YouTube

Forza Customs comes courtesy of Hutch Games, known for its car games on mobile including F1 Clash, Top Drives, and Rebel Racing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to connect to the mainline Forza games on Xbox so don’t expect to race your creations – it’s all about tinkering in the garage instead.

Thankfully it’s playable offline, unlike so many other mobile games these days.

It also promises frequent and free updates to offer new challenges.

Of course, this being a free-to-play mobile game, it includes microtransactions. Players can purchase gold for real money, with the £9.99 pack labelled “popular” and the £89.99 pack labelled “best value”. Ironic.

I’ve downloaded the game and initially it’s not clear what gold is used for or why anyone would need to pay. It’s still a fun but simple puzzle game for car journeys – just not while you’re driving.

Last month Xbox exclusive Forza Motorsport was released to positive reviews. “A generous and lavish racer, with thrilling driving, that wants you for the long haul,” reads our review.