GamesRadar’s most anticipated games of 2023

If there’s anything to be said about the year so far, it’s this: keeping track of the most anticipated games of 2023 isn’t going to be easy. There are so many good video games out there, and they are coming out too damn quickly. We’re just weeks into the year and we’re already having to keep track of the best games of 2023, something which will only get more challenging now that Hogwarts Legacy is out in the wild and countless new games for 2023 are on the near horizon. 

That’s why the GamesRadar+ team has assembled to explore the most anticipated games set to release throughout the rest of 2023. We have focused on the video games with locked launch windows, which means that elusive known quantities – games like Everwild, Death Stranding 2, and Metroid Prime 4 – weren’t eligible for selection.