GeForce Now Membership 40% Off, With New Games Coming to the Platform

Nvidia is offering a 40% discount (opens in new tab) on one of its GeForce Now cloud memberships starting today. The discount applies exclusively to the 6-month Priority plan, giving gamers priority access to RTX-enabled cloud gaming servers for just $29.99. The new discount will be live for 10 days until it disappears Monday the 22nd.

Nvidia has also announced four new titles that will be joining the GeForce Now library this week, including Voidtrain on May 9th, Occupy Mars: The Game on May 10th, Far Cry 6 on May 11th, and TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 starting on May 11th. All four titles will be accessible to GeForce Now customers through the Steam library exclusively.