GTA Online design director “couldn’t have ever dreamed” it’d still be going 10 years on

It still blows my mind that Dr Dre is in GTA Online. Introduced via the game’s The Contract update of December 2021, the music mogul and esteemed west coast rap star visits Los Santos in a bid to recover stolen music – at which point you, with the help of Story Mode’s Franklin Clinton, are hired to help him retrieve it. With this, plus the catalog of real-world superstar DJ talent rolled out via the After Hours update of summer 2018, the blockbuster Doomsday Heist that landed six months prior, and a handful of other subsequent complimentary add-ons, it’s safe to say GTA Online has enjoyed a fruitful five years. 

Now creeping up on its 10th anniversary, the game today is an entirely different beast compared to the one that arrived just after the GTA 5 PS3 and Xbox 360 launch in 2013. For Rockstar North design director Scott Butchard, three words encapsulate that journey: unexpected, community, and fun. Speaking to the former point, he says: “When I first started working on GTA Online we were still finding our feet. Essentially, we were pushing these smaller updates while working hard to bring together the first Heist, so it’s been an epic learning experience – with tons of fun and unexpected twists and turns thanks in no small part to the incredible feedback from our community.”