Have you ever made a friend through a videogame?

I’m not much of a multiplayer guy, especially now. My relationship with online gaming has always been: get into a game my friends are playing → get too into that game my friends are playing → my friends stop playing → now I’m just getting incredibly upset at strangers in solo competitive queue and eventually go back to single player RPGs. I have never once made a new friend by meeting them in a videogame or community around a videogame, though weirdly enough I have made a friend through Twitter of all places.

I know people do make friends through the games they play or their attending online communities though, with no real-world connections otherwise tying them together. My brother got so close to his Counter-Strike: Source clan mates that he drove out to meet one at a Ruby Tuesday in rural Michigan back in the aughts. Friendship can bloom, even on the battlefield!

Have you ever made a friend through a videogame? Here’s our answers, as well as a few from our forum.