Help fund Fish Folk, an ever-growing bundle of open source multiplayer games

Fish Folk is an in-development and constantly growing bundle of multiplayer games. All open source and they want your help to grow bigger and better. The first game they’re focusing on is Fish Folk: Jump, a spiritual successor to the popular Duck Game, with Fish Folk being created out of their love for it. They want the basic idea to continue on but be open to the community which is why it’s open source with modding in mind too.

A lot of really good computer games have been made in the last few decades. Many of them are designed with such elegant simplicity that, mechanically, they have no expiration date. And yet these wonderfully timeless creations do sadly expire into obsolescence because of the game industry conventions of secrecy, exclusivity and unrelenting newness.

The intention of Spicy Lobster studio (makers of the Fish Folk franchise) is to make everlasting games, holistically designed to last for as long as the game is still being played by a passionate community. We aim to honor this higher bar by following the development practices of the open software movement with its many long-lived giants such as Linux, WordPress,  Blender and Godot.

They’re committing to have it all stay open source, be highly flexible & moddable with their smart level editor and be cross-platform with couch co-op and online play. For their online play they’ve already worked on rollback p2p networking based on GGPO model.

As they though say it’s not just one game, they’re doing multiple including:

  • Jumpy (2D platformer, where it all began)
  • Punchy (2D beatemup)
  • Bomby (2D bomber arena)
  • Ballsy (2D ball-games)

Find out more on their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

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