Here Are the Best Car References in Non-Driving Video Games

This week’s Swift Question asked: “Which non-driving video game titles have the coolest cars and trucks?” Our visitors experienced some very good suggestions, we’ll share a couple of favorites here.

The Famed Car or truck-Smash Stage

The unlicensed Lexus lookalike in Avenue Fighter II has extensive been a most loved cultural reference stage. Here is a fantastic video of the well known “automobile-smash stage” in the game:

Racing Driver Versus Nazis

The Saboteur, bar none. Pre-war Grand Prix cars, armored autos, strange french stuff, all wrapped up in really first rate driving physics if I recall accurately. ~ our possess James Gilboy

I had hardly ever even read of this open-earth WWII-location GTA-fashion recreation from the Xbox 360 era, but this 13-12 months-outdated critique does certainly have some great driving clips.

Publish-Apocalypse Parking

This video has a superior closer seem at some of the motor vehicles in Fallout, the traditional open-earth wasteland match.

Jeeps on Jeeps

Far Cry 2 had actual licensed Jeep Wranglers and Liberties in it, which was definitely weird thinking about you could hijack them and use them to dedicate vehicular homicides, ordinarily stuff like that is averted with license deals in online games. The other peculiar factor was all of the other automobiles were being non-accredited knockoffs, so the Jeeps stood out even extra.

Some of the more mature Tony Hawk game titles experienced licensed Jeeps much too, you could seize their bumpers and they’d drag you down the road, great way to get a major pace boost for a jump.

Vin Diesel’s 2008 masterpiece The Wheelman (sarcasm) featured a whole lot of driving so I’m not confident it counts, but it is kind of like a GTA knockoff, and has a Pontiac G8 as the key character (will not notify Vin Diesel I stated that) even although it truly is established in Barcelona.

Alan Wake had a shit ton of certified motor vehicles also, but like random uncool factors like a Lincoln MKX or a Ford Fiesta sedan. ~ Cody Stewart

Motor vehicles are an important element of the Significantly Cry series, where you run all-around an blow factors up and entire missions (like each individual other online video match, suitable?) Significantly Cry 2, however, notably highlighted certified Jeeps as one particular commenter pointed out. This one resonated with me simply because I totally liked this recreation in college or university and I also don’t forget imagining how bizarre it was that you could generate a super-comprehensive Jeep Liberty whilst rather a lot just about every other manufacturer reference was phony.

Here is a bizarre fake Jeep Liberty advert someone made with the activity and uploaded to YouTube:

Honorable Mentions

Max Payne, Rainbow 6 Vegas, and the recent Hitman reboot also received referred to as out as getting some fantastic automobiles irrespective of not remaining driving online games. Just about anything else we skipped?