Highwater, a narrative-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic flooded world, announced for mobile via Netflix Games

Netflix and developer Rogue Video games have announced that they’re teaming up to deliver a brand new narrative adventure sport steeped in environment to mobile in the near long term. This sci-fi tale will take you on a write-up-apocalyptic ride by way of a earth conquer with a catastrophic flood, observing you traverse the lands by boat as you satisfy tons of colourful people and expertise a thrilling tale, all with a lovely minimalistic artwork model that will immerse you within this moody earth.

Highwater is gentle on the plot particulars hence significantly, but we can gather a few issues from the trailer highlighted under. This tale looks to weave a tale that sees you attempting to escape from this now-ruined Earth, and judging by the point out of what we can presume is a mega-corp and their wish to escape to Mars, it is not an unreasonable guess to think that our goal in the narrative is maybe to escape suitable together with them.


Gameplay-wise, this just one seems to target on generally exploration and atmosphere to do the position, equivalent to something like Kentucky Route Zero. You are going to be tapping the screen to transfer whomever you’re actively playing all over in different ruined environments that appear to range from deserted searching malls to deserted islands and every little thing in involving.

There also looks to be a outstanding danger looming all-around corners right here and there, which I would also guess is probably the similar mega-corp pointed out prior. These yellow-suited, gun-toting baddies will possible impede development as you investigate, so they are types to check out out for.

For now, Highwater lacks an formal launch date or keep webpage. As the trailer says, the match was at first slated for a 2022 launch but skipped that window, so hopefully, it’ll drop faster than later on. Remain tuned for any updates in that regard!

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