Horror Adventure Game ‘Bye Sweet Carole’ Announced for 2024 Release on PC, Consoles

With Evil Dead: The Game – Game of The Year Edition landing a week from now, and the fact that we’re already being teased about the upcoming “Who’s Your Daddy” DLC, leave it to Ted Raimi to mix things up a bit. He’s asking for fans to chime in on bringing Raimi’s Chet Kaminski character from “Ash vs. Evil Dead” into Evil Dead: The Game.

Raimi took to Twitter as a call to action, saying that developer Boss Team Games were deciding whether to bring Chet into the game, and asking fans to “let ’em know” if they want to see “that PF knucklehead” in Evil Dead: The Game as part of a DLC pack.

A childhood friend of Ash and bartender at the Elk Lounge Bar, Chet first appeared in the second season of “Ash vs. Evil Dead”. He unfortunately didn’t quite make it to the end of the show, so it’d be great to have him live once again in video game form. Plus, seeing as we already have another Ted Raimi character in Henrietta in the game as a Deadite, it would be nice to “even things out” on that front.

The new Evil Dead: The Game – Game of the Year Edition is set to arrive April 26 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for the Epic Games Store and Steam.