How to play Dead Island 2 online with friends or matchmaking

Knowing how to play Dead Island 2 online means you don’t have to face the zombie apocalypse alone, as you can form a team in coop with up to two friends – or completely random players for a more authentic survival experience! Having some friendly Slayers by your side in Dead Island 2 can help you take down the tougher enemies together, as well as watching each other’s backs to avoid any nasty surprises. This option becomes available once you leave Emma Jaunt’s to find the Halperin Hotel, so when you reach that early point in the story this is what you need to know about setting up online coop in Dead Island 2.

How to play online coop in Dead Island 2

How to play Dead Island 2 Online

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

To host a Dead Island 2 online coop session, you can set it up immediately from the main menu by choosing to Continue Game and then setting the Game Type to one of the following:

  • Public – anyone can join your game via matchmaking
  • Invite Only – only players you invite can join
  • Friends Only – players on your friends list can join without an invite