I Think You Should Leave’s Egg Game Is Playable Online for Free

I Think You Should Leave Season 3’s “Eggman Game” sketch features a peculiar video game Tim Robinson’s character Marcus plays during his shift at work. It wasn’t widely released to the public, but someone has recreated it and put out the I Think You Should Leave egg game for free online.

Here’s how to play the I Think You Should Leave egg game

Reddit user NerdyAvenger124 posted their game on Reddit, which has its own website. The art and mechanics have been accurately recreated for the most part, as players can drag and drop eggs to the Eggman. The counter also tends to miscount the eggs, too.

Alec Robbins, the person who made the actual I Think You Should Leave egg game, tweeted their support for this project in addition to speaking about their process. Robbins said that they worked “extremely hard on the butthole” and the bush and “tried many different types” before finding the best ones. The butthole and bush were added in later to NerdyAvenger124’s game after fan demand. NerdyAvenger124 also said players will just have find out on their own how long it takes to get to that point where Eggman drops his pants.

The game has proven to be quite popular, as the original post on reddit has over 2,800 karma. NerdyAvenger124 even noted that over 1.5 million eggs had been dropped in the first 24 hours after the game came out on May 31.