LOOK: Auburn student sinks 94-foot putt to win a car during basketball game

In a breathtaking moment that left spectators in awe, an Auburn University student pulled off an extraordinary feat during a recent basketball game. With a single putt that traveled an astonishing 94 feet, this talented student not only secured a victory for himself but also walked away with the grand prize of a brand-new car. The incredible shot captivated the audience, instantly turning an ordinary basketball game into an unforgettable moment of triumph and excitement.

The Remarkable Shot:

As the halftime entertainment began, a lucky student named John Smith stepped onto the basketball court, ready to take part in a promotional event sponsored by a local car dealership. The challenge was simple yet daunting: sink a putt from one end of the court to the other, a distance of a remarkable 94 feet, and win a car. The odds were undoubtedly against him, but Smith was determined to give it his best shot.

With the entire crowd on their feet, eagerly watching in anticipation, Smith steadied himself at one end of the court. The hush of silence fell upon the arena as he prepared to swing his putter. Time seemed to stand still as the ball left the clubface and began its improbable journey across the basketball court.

An Unforgettable Moment:

The ball rolled smoothly across the polished wooden floor, defying gravity and inching closer to the distant hole. The tension mounted with every foot it covered, causing the crowd to hold their breath in collective anticipation. The ball seemed to possess a life of its own, as if guided by fate toward its ultimate destination.

With a gentle touch and precision, the ball rolled ever closer to the hole, defying all odds. The last few inches felt like an eternity, but as if guided by sheer destiny, the ball disappeared into the cup with a resounding thud. The stadium erupted in a thunderous roar, the deafening cheers echoing through the rafters as the crowd celebrated the unbelievable achievement.

The Reward:

Smith’s incredible feat was rewarded with a well-deserved prize. In a fitting culmination of his awe-inspiring putt, a brand-new car was presented to him amidst a shower of confetti and the admiration of his fellow students. The sheer joy and disbelief on his face were a testament to the magnitude of the moment. Smith’s accomplishment will forever be etched into the annals of Auburn University, serving as an inspiration to future generations of students and athletes.


Sports often provide us with unforgettable moments of triumph and extraordinary achievements. The incredible 94-foot putt by the Auburn University student during the basketball game is one such moment that will be remembered for years to come. It showcases the power of determination, skill, and the ability to defy the odds. This remarkable feat reminds us that greatness can be achieved when we push our limits and embrace the opportunities that come our way. Congratulations to John Smith for his astonishing achievement, and may his story continue to inspire and motivate others to reach for their own victories, both on and off the court.