Mafia 4 multiplayer could be the next GTA Online

We love committing heinous crimes in video games. But committing those same heinous crimes with your pals? That’s why we play video games.

There’s no denying that the thrill of running over digital civilians has been a big draw for video game enthusiasts over the years, but the efficiency at which players could do so with their mates in GTA Online revolutionised the series’ experience.

GTA Online has been a ridiculous money mill for Rockstar Games since it launched, and as GTA VI is officially on the way, fans are expecting that the experience will be refreshed all over again. That is, if it isn’t overtaken by Mafia.

Mafia 4 might have leaked its multiplayer mode

Mafia 4 multiplayer could be the next GTA Online

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GTA Online could be in trouble, as a new leak has hinted that the upcoming Mafia 4 (whose thunder was recently stolen by leaks indicating at a new game, even before it has gotten a first trailer), might feature an exciting multiplayer mode.

A new job opportunity at Hangar 13 has appeared on LinkedIn, which is calling for a Senior Systems Designer. The description details that the candidate should have “Experience with AAA titles, multiplayer games and/or live game design experience preferred.”

It’s a pretty clear indication that Mafia 4 could be about to get its own semi-competitor to GTA Online‘s gang-crime simulation monopoly.

Big changes to Mafia could be coming

It doesn’t end with multiplayer, either. Other job listings have implied that changes in approach to the game’s AI could be coming too.

Another listing asks the candidate to “work closely with the AI Lead and relevant stakeholders to ensure delivery of engaging Stealth and Combat gameplay loops,” and offer “hands-on design and development of our combat and non-combat NPCs.”

It looks as though some fascinating changes could be coming to Mafia, and after the lukewarm critical reception of its third instalment, it could be a big risk. Here’s hoping it pays off and Mafia 4 can shoot up a storm on those crime-riddled streets