MAGES Director Says Science Adventure Games Are Expected Every 2.5 Years; New Spin-Off In Planning Phases

In an interview with the Japanese outlet Dengeki, MAGES Director Makoto Asada discussed future developments with the Science Adventure franchise, revealing the planned release schedule and how there’s a potential spin-off title on the way.

The full exchange has been translated and quoted below via our team’s Ryuji:

Interviewer: What are your plans for the Science Adventure series?

Makoto Asada: Chiyomaru has told me about his plans for the Science Adventure series, including a new title, so I think it won’t be long before we can show it off to everyone. We’re also thinking about a potential spin-off project and are currently in the planning phase, awaiting his approval.

Interview: A spin-off, you say?

Makoto Asada: It has been a while since we have produced a spin-off, but we are planning to finalize this within the Game Division and have Chiyomaru make the final decision on whether or not to do it.

As for the [new title in the Science Adventure series], [Chiyomaru] told me he had an idea, and we’re currently in the planning process of putting it into practice. I’ve only vaguely understood it, but it sounds like he’s trying to take on a new subject matter that is a bit different from the subjects of the previous Science Adventure series.

I think an announcement should come from Chiyomaru, so we ask you to be patient. I really hope he can put this together in the next two and a half years*.

*Translator’s Note: Earlier in this interview, Makoto mentioned a discussion with Chiyomaru about wanting him to focus entirely on creative work and that they wish to release a new Science Adventure title every 2 to 2.5 years.

Unfortunately, Anonymous;Code took seven years to complete, presumably due to Chiyomaru’s job as chairman at the time. He also frequently mentions how Chiyomaru’s creativity is a huge asset for MAGES and how the staff REALLY wants him to focus on creative work rather than presidential work.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on any significant developments regarding the Science Adventure franchise.