New Dead by Daylight games are on the way, including one by Supermassive

Dead by Daylight just celebrated its seven year anniversary, and Behaviour Interactive showed off the game’s next chapter on an anniversary stream. However, there’s more to come, and not all of it is in Dead by Daylight itself.

Two new games are in production in the Dead by Daylight universe. One is by Supermassive Games, best known for Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Quarry. The other is by Midwinter Entertainment, who are working on a multiplayer co-op game that “will tackle themes of greed and lust for power.”

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where four survivors seek to repair an old gate and escape a hunting grounds before they are found, caught, and impaled on a rusty hook by the killer. The matches take place in the extradimensional realm ruled by a malevolent spider god known as the Entity, which feeds off despair and misery. Survivors have to not just avoid their immediate grisly fate, but keep hope alive, lest they wither up and have their souls devoured.

Supermassive’s games are typically heavy on the narrative, with regular choices and quick-time events to keep things interesting. Those choices can end in grisly fates or a lucky escape, and it’s not always clear what is the right thing to do. More information on this game will come out before the end of the year, so we’ll likely learn more about which characters will be involved in the game and what challenges they’ll face.

Midwinter Entertainment is behind Scavengers, a short-lived co-op game where small squads of people launched from the moon search the frozen Earth for valuable supplies. Behaviour Interactive purchased Midwinter in 2022. These games, alongside Dead by Daylight’s dating simulator, will provide an alternate take on the mysterious lore of the horror game. Behaviour is also creating a comic collaboration with Titan Comics that is set to release in June and a feature film adaptation of Dead by Daylight with Blumhouse. The Dead by Daylight setting is growing to become a whole universe of torment.