Nintendo Expands Its Switch Online N64 Library With Another Game Next Week

Nintendo has announced it will be adding the original Pokémon Stadium to the Switch N64 service next week on 12th April.

This arena battle title was first released in 2000 and features “the original 151 Pokémon” from the Pokémon Red Version, Pokémon Blue Version and Pokémon Yellow Version games. It includes a selection of solo and multiplayer modes, including minigames. Nintendo has also confirms the following:

“Please note you cannot transfer Pokémon from Game Boy™ titles in this version.”

Here’s a bit about this classic from Nintendo’s official PR:

“In Pokémon Stadium, you can battle it out solo with your chosen team of six Pokémon across four tournaments in Stadium mode or run it back against Kanto’s elite Trainers in Gym Leader Castle. Winning in either of these modes will secure a spot for your champion team in Victory Palace, but completing both modes will unlock a final battle to challenge even the ultimate Trainer.

“Looking for some multiplayer free-form fun? Compete in no-holds-barred battles with friends in the 1-4 player Free Battle mode, or party it up with a collection of nine minigames in the Kids Club. It might be called the Kids Club, but even seasoned Trainers may feel the heat in the Sushi-Go-Round kitchen, or after reaching new heights in Magikarp’s Splash!”