Nintendo Switch Online Reveals Cult of the Lamb as Next Free Game Trial

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play Cult of the Lamb free this week.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are periodically treated to free trials for various video games. Sometimes first-party titles will get the spotlight, while other times third-party or indie releases will be featured. Starting on October 25th, Cult of the Lamb will be free to play. The game normally retails for $24.99, so for anyone that has been hesitant about spending that kind of money, this is a perfect chance to try it ahead of a full purchase. This is not a demo; the full game will be playable through October 31st, and save data will be fully transferable to the main game if purchased. 

The trial is not live as of this writing. When it does release, Cult of the Lamb‘s Nintendo Switch Online trial can be claimed at the game’s eShop link right here

Cult of The Lamb Details

Since Nintendo started doing these trials, a lot of subscribers have noted that they’ve been introduced to games that they might not have otherwise purchased. Since the full game is made available, some players might even be able to complete it before the trial comes to an end. Of course, Cult of the Lamb is the kind of game that some players might want to come back to, even if they do manage to complete the campaign. Cult of the Lamb features roguelike elements and a randomly-generated world, which means things could be quite different on later playthroughs! 

Cult of the Lamb would seem to be a strong fit for the Halloween season, and anyone looking for something with spooky vibes. It’s not quite a horror game, but Cult of the Lamb‘s darker tone definitely feels seasonally appropriate. Best of all, the game’s “T for Teen” ESRB rating means that it’s accessible to a wider audience compared to some of the M-rated games on the eShop. Developed by Massive Monster, the title follows a lamb that’s exploring the world and building a cult. As players progress, they’ll recruit new followers into their fold, but they’ll also have to keep them happy and meet their needs. If followers become disenchanted with the lamb, they can turn against the cult, bringing others with them. 

Nintendo Switch Online Perks

Nintendo Switch Online’s big hook is that it allows players to enjoy the online features in games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 3. However, Nintendo has also added plenty of other incentives for subscribers. In addition to game trials, subscribers can claim exclusive profile icons based on various games. This month, the service has featured icons based on Detective Pikachu Returns, and the final wave is set to go away this Thursday. Last week also saw the first wave of profile icons based on Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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