PlayStation Plus Essential free games for October 2022 announced

PlayStation Plus’ free games for Essential subscribers in October 2022 have been revealed.

After announcing the freebies for all three tiers in one go last month, we’ve gone back to having the free games for the base tier announced one week before release, and the other tiers later.

From October 4, subscribers of the Essential tier can get their hands on three big titles for no extra cost. All you have to do is add them to your account before November 1 and you’ll be able to download and play them for as long as you’re an active subscriber (even if you let your subscription lapse and then re-join).

playstation plus essential free games october 2022

Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Leading the pack is Hot Wheels Unleashed, with both PS4 and PS5 versions. A perhaps-surprisingly well-received arcade racer with plenty of old-school thrills, combined with modern features like a track editor and online play.

Your online progress is shared between both versions, but if you think that means you can add two easy Platinum trophies to your collection, we should warn you that it reportedly takes around 150 hours to gain all the trophies.

Next up we’ve got PS4 game Injustice 2, a fighting game pitting DC heroes and villains (and, if you buy the DLC, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) against each other. The combat has an interesting super-meter wager mechanic, but the draw here is the story mode with an uncharacteristically deep narrative and plenty of lavish cutscenes.

superman in injustice 2

Warner Bros Interactive

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Finally, there’s a second PS4 title in Superhot. A puzzle/combat hybrid where everyone dies in one hit, and time only moves when you move, it could well be one of the most innovative shooter games of recent years.

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