PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium free games for February 2023 announced

PlayStation Plus’ free games for the Extra and Premium tiers have been announced for February 2023.

The middle and top tiers will be adding new games for subscribers to play from Tuesday, February 21.

The Extra tier gives users access to a library of hundreds of games to download to PS4 and PS5, rotating them in and out as a video streaming service would.

Premium adds streaming options and expands the Plus library even further with remasters and retro titles (including newly emulated versions of PS1 and PSP games) with save states, rewind, and video options.

Games listed as PS5/PS4 have native versions for both systems. Games listed only as PS4 are fully playable on PS5 via backward compatibility, and sometimes they’re even enhanced with better performance and load times.

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The Extra tier is being led by a humdinger of a title in Horizon Forbidden West (PS5/PS4). This is one of Sony’s biggest exclusive titles from last year, coming to PS Plus before earlier exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Sackboy: A Big Adventure. It’s a massive open-world game, with tons of things to collect and giant robot dinosaurs to fight.

And if you finish the main game by April 19, there’s a new expansion called Burning Shores that will be released then.

Next up is another quality game from last year: The Quarry (PS5/PS4), one of Digital Spy‘s Best Games of 2022. It’s an ’80s-inspired horror game in which your decisions can lead to a gang of summer camp counsellors, played by some recognisable actors, surviving a night from Hell or (most likely) dying.

justice smith in the quarry

2K Games

There are also a handful of strongly acclaimed titles like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4), Tekken 7 (PS4), and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4). Also arriving are big sellers Borderlands 3 (PS5/PS4) and Scarlet Nexus (PS5/Ps4) and cult favourites Earth Defense Force 5 (PS4), I Am Setsuna (Ps4), and its spiritual successor Lost Sphear.

Rounding out the additions for this month are Outriders (PS5/PS4), Oninaki (PS4), and The Forgotten City (PS5/PS4).

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Premium isn’t getting any PSP additions this month, but it is adding the first remaster of 2020’s Destroy All Humans!, a spoof of ’50s sci-fi that has an incredibly difficult final boss.

PS1 fans are also being treated with farming sim Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Old West/steampunk anime crossover Wild Arms 2 (making its European debut), and one of the most fondly-remembered-by-fans JRPGs of the era, The Legend of Dragoon.

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On the same day as these new games arrive, others will leave the service. These are: Metro Exodus, Saints Row: The Third Remastered, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, Pure Farming 2018, Sparkle Unleashed, Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders, The Turing Test, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, SkyDrift Infinity, Rad Rodgers, Sine Mora EX, and Whispering Willows.