PlayStation Plus latest free games make the service a ‘no-brainer’, fans agree

PlayStation Plus’s latest free games make the service a ‘no-brainer’, fans agree.

Even since Sony launched its revised PlayStation Plus subscription service in May 2022, it was proved to be a massive hit. Prior to the revision, Sony only offered the standard PS Plus, which included online gaming, a handful of additional games at no extra cost as well as some other perks such as free DLC and discounts.

As for the revised service, it includes PS Plus Essential, the same service prior to the revision, PS Plus Extra which includes everything in the basic tier as well as a plethora of additional PS5 and PS4 games. Then we have PS Plus Premium, which includes everything that the previous two tiers have, only with the addition of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

Since the launch of PS Plus Extra and Premium, not only have there been more than 800 games added to the library, but subscribers have also generated an impressive 1 billion hours of gameplay time.

What’s more, for the fiscal year 2022, PlayStation Plus has garnered an impressive subscriber count with 6.1 million signing up to the Extra tier and 8 million signing up for the Premium tier.

Fans in the Reddit thread were very complimentary of the PS Plus service, such as kangroostho, who said: “It’s kind of a no-brainer for anyone picking up a PS5 these days to get a year of PS+ Extra, you get most of the first party games that have come out and ton more you might’ve missed out from last gen.”

“I got my PS5 several months ago and still haven’t bought a game because Extra was such a no-brainer, value-wise,” agreed BanhedMi. “The upgrade system they have is great. I was going to get Guardians of the Galaxy on sale for 20 bucks but then saw that I could upgrade and get 7 months of extra for 30. No brainer” said blobbyboy123.

No doubt, as long as Sony continues to offer a great choice of games across all of its subscription tiers, it should be able to maintain those figures, if not surpass them.