PlayStation Plus’ next free game appears online, and it’s a classic

PlayStation Plus subscribers can prepare for an unexpected addition to the free game catalogue, a classic PSP game.

According to the latest earnings calls, PlayStation Plus subscriptions continue to increase month after month, thanks to the company’s commitment to adding more free games and new features like cloud streaming.

Fortunately it looks like things are about to change, as a recent leak suggests we’re getting the best addition to the service in months, UP for the PSP.

That’s right the tie-in PSP game for the popular Disney Pixar film is seemingly joining the PlayStation Plus classics line-up, following the game being rated for PS4 and PS5 in Taiwan.

The leak was shared on Twitter, and if it’s credible, it’ll likely be the most bizarre addition to the game catalogue so far.

As far as games go though, it’s not too bad. The game’s description reads: “The UP video game will take players on an exotic adventure with Carl Fredricksen and his young sidekick, Wilderness Explorer Russell … Playing as one of three characters – Carl, Russell, Dug the talking dog – players will encounter exciting, new environments as a single-player, or play with a friend cooperatively throughout the entire game.”

Its arrival on PlayStation Plus hasn’t been outright confirmed but if it’s been rated for current-gen PlayStation consoles there’s a pretty good chance it’ll make its way onto the platform one way or another.

Not the classic game we were expecting, but a win is a win.