PlayStation Plus Subscribers Divided Over June’s Big Free Game

PlayStation Plus subscribers over on Reddit are divided over June’s big free PS4 game. For the month of June, PS Plus subscribers — no matter the tier — have received the following three games: God of War (PS4), Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (PS4/PS5), and Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker (PS4). Obviously, the big offer here is God of War, but it’s also the game that has divided subscribers over on Reddit. Of course, no one is denying the quality of 2018’s Game of the Year, but that’s not the case that’s being lodged against the PS4 game. 

Critics of God of War’s inclusion aren’t taking aim at the quality of the Sony Santa Monica title, but the fact that virtually everyone on PS4 has already played the game; meanwhile, everyone on PS5 that’s a PS Plus subscriber has had access to it for a while via the PS Plus Collection. 

“While God of War is an amazing game and I’m glad more people have a chance to try it, it’s been readily available in different ways for a while now (PS+ collection, PS Now, massive discounts on PSN) and I feel a bit cheated that I could have gotten something I haven’t played yet (I.e. one of the other PS heavy-hitting IPs like Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us Part II). Although I know some months are like this and you can’t please everyone all the time,” said one unhappy subscriber over on the PS Plus Reddit page.

“So the purpose of the games this month is to tell people “‘f you don’t upgrade to a better tier, all you’re gonna get is absolute s**t garbage and other things we’ve already given you. GLHF and upgrade now mother********? Like that’s the only possible explanation here, right,” reads another, and even unhappier, PS Plus subscriber.

That said, and as alluded to, there are plenty of PS Plus subscribers who are thrilled with the inclusion of God of War, and when you consider the game’s copies sold is less than half of the number of PS Plus subscribers that’s not very surprising.

“I could only recently buy a PS4 from a friend, in my country games are extremely expensive, so getting God of War on PlayStation Plus was fantastic for me,” said one happy subscriber.

“Honestly – good on them for including God of War,” added another subscriber. ” I never played the game but despite hearing all the praises, I never wanted to buy it myself because I didn’t think I’d like it all that much, since my tastes are a bit specific. However, since it’s now on PS Plus anyway, I have no reason not to try it and I’m actually rather interested in it.”

As always, leave a comment or let me know what you think via @Tyler_Fischer_ over on Twitter. What do you think of God of War’s PS Plus inclusion?