PS Plus Bonus Lets Users Play Popular New Games for Free

PlayStation Plus users often get free game trials to test out games new and old as part of the subscription service, and recently, players got two more of those trials. In addition to all the other trials currently available via the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, those subscribers can now also try out Disney Speedstorm and MLB The Show 23 at no extra cost. The only catches are that the trials are of course timed, so you’ll only have a limited window to play them once you start trying them out, and they’re also only available to those subscribed to the Premium PS Plus tier which means those subscribed to Essential or Extra won’t get the offer.

There’s a running list of all the PS Plus trials offered to Premium subscribers over on the subscription service’s home page, but for whatever reason (perhaps because they’re too new?), these trials aren’t yet listed there. However, you’ll see the options for both of the trials present on each of the game’s respective pages. MLB The Show 23’s trial is found here and will let you play the game for three hours while Disney Speedstorm’s is here, though that trial only lets you play the game for two hours.

Of the two games, MLB The Show 23 is probably the more familiar of the pair given how its one of the sports series that gets annual installments, so the trial there is largely for those who want to check in and see what’s new from last year’s game to this one. The game came out towards the end of March, so it’s still relatively new for those who haven’t gotten to try it out yet.

Disney Speedstorm, on the other hand, is brand new having just came out this week, and it’s not even fully released yet. It’s only available in early access right now which means you’ll have to pay for a Founder’s Pack to get it if you’re inclined to do so after testing it out. It’s essentially a Mario Kart-style combat racing game but with Disney characters, a formula which makes sense considering how expansive Disney’s roster to pull from is.

Both MLB The Show 23 and Disney Speedstorm can be played now via the PS Plus trials, so check out the previews of those games if you’re on the fence about them.