Raidcarry service in online games

Online games attract many players around the world for various reasons.

The most common of course is the social aspect – the ability to play with other players, upgrade and improve together, farm dangerous zones and raids, unite in guilds.

The second reason is constant updates and new challenges. If single players are static and replenished only by DLS, then MMO RPG receives regular additions so that players do not get bored and always get new lands and locations that need to be explored, raids that need to be farmed and PVP zones.

But not all players have the desire or the ability to team up with other gamers. Someone does not have time to get into prime time due to the work schedule and remains in the game at a time when the majority of players are offline or have completed raids and dungeons. Some people are used to playing alone and don’t want to cooperate, but difficult raids that get the best equipment require players to go around and buff their heroes. Raids can always fail if you fall into a group with irresponsible players, and for many it is the raid carry service from the Skycoach service that becomes a salvation.

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What is the raidcarry service from the Skycoach service

The Raidcarry service is a full-fledged assistance in completing a raid of any complexity from a well-played and equipped team of professional Skycoach players.

You join a ready-made group and advance into the dungeon, where players are guaranteed to defeat the boss of any difficulty.

All drop and experience goes to the client – at a crucial moment, all members of the group will scatter so as not to pull the reward from the boss.

Advantages of the raidcarry service

The main advantage of ordering the raidcarry service is the opportunity to receive a full reward from passing the mythical and mythical + raid, where the best armor and weapons for your class are rewarded.

The second most important plus is the adaptability of the team at the final stage. Due to the correct actions of the group, you will be able to gain much more experience, and not share it with other group members.

You will be able to unlock unique achievements that will provide passive boosts for the hero for completing high-difficulty dungeons.

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Cons of a raidcarry service

The only disadvantage of such a service is the lack of a personal contribution to the victory over the boss – you essentially remain in the role of an observer for the entire period of farming and just skim off the end of the raid, but I think many players can easily put up with such a minus.

How to place an order for the Raidcarry service from the Skycoach service

You need to go to the official Skycoach website, select your game and specify the raider service.

Then you choose a server and make a payment, or order feedback from the manager – the average response time is three minutes during business hours.

The manager clarifies the details of the order and helps you make the payment, if you have not done so yet.

At the specified time, you need to come to the specified place and accept an invitation to the group from the specified nickname and the raid carry procedure will begin.

Upon completion of the service, you can leave feedback on the quality of the order.

Why it is profitable to order a raidcarry service from the service, and not from ordinary players

Often, the players who offer the raid carry service are greedy gamers who don’t want to share the payment with others. Therefore, they equip the main character and run all the accompanying heroes separately, on another computer, and control a large number of characters at once.

This style of play requires perfect implementation and does not tolerate any, even the slightest problems with the Internet, from which no one is immune.

Not to mention gaming skills, where one mistake can pull a chain of problems and, as a result, a failed raid and wasted time. Considering that many players ask for payment in advance, you can also lose your funds. Even the presence of the most equipped player in the group absolutely does not guarantee you success.

Whereas in a prepared group that speaks on behalf of the Skycoach service, it does not waste time on trifles and a real person plays each role. The group must have a tank and a healer, a well-equipped attacking class.

Is the service of raidcarry punishable by the game administration?

The raidcarry service is very different from selling gold or equipment, since in the eyes of the game administration there is no subject matter of the transaction.

Roughly speaking, you can get a ban for buying game gold, because if you come across an inexperienced seller, he will invest a large amount of game currency in the trade and everything will become clear for the game administration – you need to apply the masking methods that the Skycoach service uses for the safety of the client.

With the raidcarry service, you do not exchange anything with other players, but simply join a ready-made group and complete a raid, which is absolutely not something forbidden in the world of WoW and other projects, since players are free to choose the methods and styles of their passage through dangerous zones. The main thing is not to shout at every corner where and from whom you ordered the service.

What kind of raids are eligible for this service?

Skycoach can help you complete a raid of any complexity and will even provide you with the necessary items to enter, but the manager for a specific dungeon will tell you the details.

Should I immediately order the raidcarry service, or should I try to go through the dungeon on my own first?

You can spend as much time as you like doing raids, but no one will give you a guarantee that you will get a good group that will be well-equipped and will not make mistakes in farming and will know all the mechanics of the dungeon. In addition, you will have to share experience and drops with the rest of the raid members, while when ordering a service, you get a guaranteed passage and all the drops and experience from a boss of any complexity.