See Marvel Snap Bring In A Massively Stacked Lineup Of Marvel Characters In New Online Game

By Jason Collins
| 7 seconds ago

Marvel Snap

In 2018, before every bit of dirty laundry spilled from Activision Blizzard’s basket, Hearthstone game director Ben Brode abruptly left Blizzard, saying that he was moving on to start a new project. Today, his endeavor, called Second Dinner, bore its first fruit, revealing a revolutionary video gaming title placed in the Marvel Comic Universe, called Marvel Snap. And just like Hearthstone, we’re talking about a digital card collectible game featuring an expanded cast of heroes from Marvel’s multiverse. See the official showcase below:

According to Polygon, Marvel, gaming publisher Nuverse, and Ben Brode’s new studio Second Dinner announced new mobile and Windows PC card game called Marvel Snap. The game has been in development ever since Brode formed the new studio following his departure from Blizzard and featured some of the standardized elements of digital collectible card games such as Hearthstone. The design and development team promised fans a fast game, including a number of new concepts, such as the” snap” mechanic.

So far, the trailer above features Venom, Ironheart, America Chavez, Miles Morales, Groot, and the never before seen (apart from the comics) Wakandan Hulkbuster Armor. The latter is similar to Ironman’s Hulkbuster but better since it’s made of vibranium and equipped with several deterrents that would help bring the Hulk down without having to rely on brute force. Galactus also makes an appearance, but it seems Second Dinner borrowed a version of Galactus from 2016’s LEGO Marvel’s Avengers for the upcoming Marvel Snap.

The game revolves around collecting Cosmic Cubes, or Tesseracts, like the ones we’ve seen in 2012’s Avengers and Loki television series, which is supposed to get a second season. Each of the superpowered combatants is a card equipped with that hero’s or villain’s special ability. Deck-building is also very simplified, and Second Dinner brought the card number from the genre’s standard 15 cards down to 12. This would’ve been a limiting factor to the game, but the game is so fast-paced that it really goes well with 12 cards, offering the same amount of strategic depth to the gameplay.

Second Dinner announced more than 150 cards available at Marvel Snap’s launch, each with multiple variations, in both classic and brand-new illustration art. Of course, the game will be updated regularly in post-release, offering even more cards, for which the studio says will be free. This is somewhat of a catch, considering that, theoretically, you can acquire every single card in card games by simply grinding for them. But there’s plenty of random number generation (gamers’ term for luck) when rolling or grinding for cards the old fashion way.

So, considering that the game will be free-to-play, some microtransactions are to be expected to keep the development going. The game is being released as a mobile-first release, though Second Dinner is working on an Early Access version for PC. Unfortunately, no one mentioned a specific release date for Marvel Snap, but the game is expected to release later this year. Those interested in beta-testing can apply at the official game website.