SpaceVenture potentially teams up with Sierra On-line Co-Founder

SpaceVenture, the highly anticipated game by the creators of Space Quest, has been in development for several years, and the team recently provided an update on its progress. The game has been in the hands of backers since the end of 2022, and the feedback received has been instrumental in identifying areas that need further work.

The team has worked hard to fix these issues and prepare a more stable game build. However, in February, they received some exciting news from Ken Williams, the co-founder of Sierra On-line/Cygnus Entertainment. Williams expressed an interest in partnering with the SpaceVenture team to provide fresh funding to the project. This would enable the team to hire full-time paid developers to work on the game and ensure the code is solid and the remaining bugs are fixed. The project would also benefit from the services of quality assurance (QA) experts to ensure that the game reaches the level of quality that it deserves.

As part of the deal, plans are also in place to release the game on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Additionally, the game will be released in multiple languages, with more details on this to follow. The partnership also includes plans for additional promotion and marketing of the game to the public.

However, it should be noted that no contracts have been signed as of yet, and negotiations are still ongoing. The agreement stipulates that no one involved will make any money off SpaceVenture until backer rewards have been shipped. Once the game is available for purchase, the income generated will be used to cover shipping costs for backers. The team is also exploring the possibility of offering an option for backers to pay for shipping in advance to receive their rewards more quickly.

Despite the negotiations still being ongoing, the SpaceVenture team is excited about the possibility of working with Williams and Cygnus to make sure that SpaceVenture is polished to the highest possible standard. The team thanked its backers for their continued patience and support.

Ken Williams, the co-founder of Sierra On-line/Cygnus Entertainment, recently responded to a potential partnership between Cygnus and SpaceVenture in a post on the SpaceVenture Kickstarter page. In his post, Williams highlighted the challenges game developers face with over-ambitious ideas, often leading to projects running over budget and failing to meet their goals.

Williams expressed admiration for the SpaceVenture team’s dedication to the project, despite not receiving any compensation for many years. He also noted that Adventure games are particularly challenging to develop, as bugs can often be mistaken for puzzles, causing frustration for players. He praised the art in SpaceVenture but also suggested that the game may benefit from some selective trimming to ensure it is 100% complete. He noted that Adventure games must be perfect to be enjoyable and suggested that SpaceVenture has the potential to be a great game but needs some work to realize its full potential.

Williams explained that he and his wife, Roberta have been considering whether or not to get involved in the project. They have just completed two years of working on Colossal Cave and are trying to decide if they want to dig into another project. Although the potential for SpaceVenture is great, Williams emphasized that building games are not their only priority. They have spent many years exploring the world on their boat, and Williams indicated that they might return to that life if they decide not to pursue the SpaceVenture project.

Williams concluded his post by expressing his hope that SpaceVenture will be a commercial success, whether or not he and his wife are involved in bringing it to market. The Adventure Gamers team will continue to follow the progress of SpaceVenture and report on any further developments.

The Adventure Gamers team will closely monitor any further developments on the SpaceVenture project and report on them as they emerge.