Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s stance on fast travel is awesome, and more new games should follow suit

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor improves on its Fallen Order forerunner in just about every way. That’s according to GamesRadar+’s Heather Wald, who rolled straight from the first game into its sequel – having gone hands-on with an in-development build of the latter this week. From its combat to its character development, its fighting to its fast travel, our Senior Staff Writer was impressed across the board with the nips and tucks made to Cal Kestis’ latest tale. Which, of course, bodes well for Respawn Entertainment’s incoming action role-player sequel as it bears down on its April 28 release date. 

Everything in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is designed “without fast travel in mind”, the devs told us, suggesting that the introduction of the mechanic in Survivor (one notably absent from Fallen Order) is in place to encourage exploration, and not restrict it or simply speed things up. On the player’s end, there’s a fine line between each of these outcomes, and while I’m yet to experience fast travel in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor myself, the outward conversation is an important one – especially when considering how the mechanic applies in some of our favorite open-world games in recent years. 

Far, far away

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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