Starfield will be single player with no online multiplayer

Starfield is a single player activity, with no multiplayer in accordance to almost everything from Bethesda so considerably. But it can be simple to see why there could be some confusion from early statements and a lack of obvious details. 

That early Starfield confusion likely resulted from first reveals referring to the ‘single player campaign’ like it was different to… some thing else. In particular so before long soon after Fallout 76’s multiplayer transfer, and Redfall’s co-op gameplay, the lack of explicit ‘single player only’ messaging still left a good deal of area for rumor and conjecture. Nonetheless, Starfield is a single participant only match, as verified by Bethesda so let’s clear up all the confusion once and for all. 

Starfield is a “solitary player game” in accordance to Bethesda


(Impression credit score: Bethesda)