Old Car Racing Games – The 10 Original & Best Racing Games

Forget what you think you know about car racing computer games, because the world has changed dramatically since you were a kid playing Daytona USA or Test Drive.

Take this

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10 Best Car Games for Windows PC

Games are undoubtedly fun, but it will be much more than that when you have selected the perfect one to spend time with. Whatever device you are using or wherever

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Forza Motorsport: Best starter car

With over 500 cars at launch, there are plenty of wheels to take racing in Forza Motorsport. But which is the best starter car?

Whether it’s a hot hatchback, a

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The Best Free Car Games You Can Play Today

Driving can become monotonous and boring, especially when you must follow traffic rules and ensure you don’t crash into other cars. And that’s where racing games come into play.


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Best Offline Car Racing Games Free for Windows PC Users (2023)

Contrary to some people’s opinions, offline games are not dead. It is still fun to sit back on a rainy day or a relaxing weekend and boot up a video

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Forza developer Turn 10 teams up with Hutch for mobile car game

It looks like we might finally have something of a Forza mobile game that isn’t Forza Street on the way, with the developer of the Xbox driving series Turn 10

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BMW’s new electric 5 Series lets you play games while charging the car

BMW has partnered with Swiss gaming platform AirConsole to bring in-car gaming to its new all-electric 5 Series.  

Drivers and passengers can play the games to kill time while the

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Used Car Prices Remain Stubbornly High

Anyone hoping that the used vehicle market will become more predictable or even right-size itself in 2023 will likely be disappointed. Unique market conditions and a slew of new challenges

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Car Racing Games Market Future Growth Opportunities 2022-2030


Published May 17, 2023

New Jersey, United States, Digital Journal/ Car racing games are computer games that simulate the experience of driving and racing cars. The games range

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The Best Vintage Car Games: Console Savvy Edition

There’s no better way to make your hands sweaty on the controller than with a fast-paced racing game. These timeless classics of racing games are sure to please gamers

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