Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealerships and car customisation detailed

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is one of our most anticipated racing games of 2023, but the lack of gameplay footage and developer communication has been frustrating. This is set to change after KT Racing promised to reveal new details about the open-world racer before next week’s Nacon Connect event.

Prime Lite cockpit

In the first of several monthly Solar Club Newsletter updates, KT Racing has finally broken the silence, sharing new screenshots and info about TDUSC’s dealership experience and extensive car customisation options.

Dealerships are back

TDU games give you a sense of car ownership. In TDU, you visit manufacturer dealerships located around the map, browse paint and interior options, and take a test drive before buying a car.

It makes buying your dream car feel like an occasion, unlike in Forza Horizon 5 where exotic cars are given to you for free in Wheel Spins.

This is set to continue in TDUSC with the return of interactive dealerships. 14 specialist dealerships will be scattered around Hong Kong Island, each showcasing different brands. Lamborghini and Ferrari will have dedicated dealerships offering a wide selection of models.

TDUSC will provide a realistic dealership experience. Like in the original TDU games, you can move freely around the dealership, interact with cars, admire the exterior and open the doors to step inside the interior. Once inside, you can try out the horn and start the engine.

Dealerships also act as social hubs where you can meet and chat with other players. Before purchasing your dream car, you can also test drive it to see if the handling suits your driving style and choose official manufacturer options from the paint to the interior colours and rims. You’re even handed the keys, adding to the sense of ownership.

MOZA Racing Wheel

While early screenshots focused on the diverse environments of Hong Kong Island, new screenshots give us a first look at the in-game car models in dealerships.

Cars showcased include the Ford Mustang, Shelby Cobra, Porsche 911 R, Porsche 918 Spyder, Apollo Intensa Emozione and Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG.

Customise your dream car in Workshops

If you want to further personalise your car, Workshops allow you to upgrade performance, improve handling, and customise the cosmetics to make your car unique.

Split across six categories, combustion-powered cars will have 13 customisable performance parts. Electric cars will have 12 customisable performance parts across six categories. Modifications will be restricted depending on your Reputation level.

A Livery Editor will also let you express yourself with custom metallic, matte, pearlescent and chrome paint jobs. You can also create unique designs with hundreds of stickers and decals, and unique customisation options can be unlocked as you work with the Sharps and Streets clans.

Like the dealerships, Workshops will also serve as social hubs where you can see what other players have done to their cars.

“TDUSC offers a driving simulation that is accessible for those who want an experience you can just pick up and play, yet challenging for those who enjoy spending time tweaking configurations and adapting their cars to match their driving style and for optimal performance in the various race conditions,” said Creative Director Alain Jarniou.

Release date

KT Racing isn’t ready to reveal the TDUSC release date yet. No new gameplay trailers were shown either.

While TDUSC will not be shown in March’s Nacon Connect, KT Racing promises to share new screenshots, concept art, live game sessions and info on testing phases in monthly newsletters.

From the details revealed so far, Solar Crown looks like it will capture the spirit of the original TDU games with realistic dealership experiences and comprehensive customisation.