The 10 best PS4 racing games

The best PS4 racing games offer a ton of variety. Every racing fan comes to the genre with different expectations. Perhaps you want to compete against online opponents in a highly technical racer; or you want to play against your kids in a colorful kart racer; or maybe you want to compete against yourself in a time trial racer. Whatever the case, the PS4 almost certainly has a racing game to suit your tastes.

Tom’s Guide has compiled a list of some excellent racing games for the PS4, which should cater to a wide variety of genre fans. Still, if nothing on this list suits you, you should check out the Racing section of the PlayStation Store for additional options. There are hundreds of racing games for the console, and this list only scratches the surface.

Burnout screen shot

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

1. Burnout Paradise Remastered