The 30 Best Racing Game Songs, Ranked

1. ‘Move Me’ — R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 (1998)

Ordering this list was hard, but there was never a doubt figuring out which song would place first. Of all the songs in Ridge Racer Type 4’s soundtrack, Kohta Takahasi’s “Move Me” is the one often singled out as the favorite by so many. It embodies that delicate line between beauty and adrenaline that R4 nails so well and that sets it apart from other racers, so it’s easy to see why. In the comments of this very YouTube video embedded above, Takahashi, ever modest, outlined the ingredients of the song:

R4’s “Move Me” is made of these ingredients.

1. With my favorite R&B keyboard
2. Secretly entwined my favorite Hiphop beat
3. Add my roots, HM/HR guitar and drums
4. The above elements are put on a drum & bass that I was not good at and did not know.

More recently, rapper JPEGMAFIA sampled “Move Me” for his song “Bald” — a repurposing Takahashi noticed and applauded in another comment:

Glad you all like the song. And to elaborate on what I think is cool about JPEGMAFIA, the eye-catching point is that they dared to repeat the thin ensemble part at the beginning of the song to increase the tension, instead of using the heavy ensemble of the main theme.

Game recognizing game; it warms your heart. Hopefully you enjoyed this list; let me know your opinions of it in the comments below, along with any honorable mentions you wish made the cut. Believe me, there were a lot of worthy contenders that didn’t.